Every time I go camping I struggle to keep it simple and organized. We're talking tent camping for the backpacker. I hate to pull out tubs of items. Let's keep it simple, people. That's where this instructable is applicable!

Step 1: Get Yourself a Bag

Whether you go to the thrift store, dollar store or your grandma's closet the container is the most important part. I found this computer bag for just a few Euros and it was perfect for me. 
<p>I really like this - will probably make one for my teardrop camper to keep it simple ~ thanks!</p>
Good job, great kit for camping but it's way too heavy and bulky for ultralight backpacking. All I take is an aluminum cup with a wire handle and a spork. A couple of bandanas for washing but I usually wash with sand in a spring. I don't cook so I don't need any seasonings.....
Good kit. <br> <br>It's slightly more than I carry, but that's just personal preference, plus I'm only packing for one. - I really like the way you have it organized. I need to learn from your example. <br> <br>I have one suggestion though. I'd replace the matches with a Bic style lighter. Lighters weigh little, are much easier to use (especially in the cold and wet), it can light many more fires than a box of matches, it doesn't care if it gets wet (even &quot;waterproof&quot; matches don't like getting wet - especially if they soak), a lighter doesn't break in half when you try to light it, and even if you run out of fuel you've still got the flint and steel the lighter came with (the sparker). <br> <br>I carry one at all times in my pocket (along with my whistle and a pocket knife) along with at least one in my pack when I'm in the woods.
P.S. I was just looking at your kit again and planning my own when I saw something that I felt I needed to point out before you discover it when you're camping. <br> <br>I'm sorry to tell you that the item you've identified as &quot;can/bottle opener, corkscrew all-in-one&quot; is actually only a corkscrew. The part that your thinking is a can/bottle opener is actually intended to sit on the lip of a wine bottle and provide a fulcrum for removing the cork. While it might be made to work as a bottle cap opener, I can say from experience that it won't work worth a dang as a can opener. (I made the same mistake when trailer camping once - luckily I found an old military can opener in the bottom of a drawer or it would have been a hungry trip.) <br> <br>
Very neat<br/>I would take a grill like one of those steel over the fire ones and I store mine in a bag it is heavy but great!!!
Nicely assembled! I love kits, so handy :)

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