Camry Duct Tape Mod (Non-slideshow Version)





Introduction: Camry Duct Tape Mod (Non-slideshow Version)

For my first car, my dad got me a 1990 Toyota Camry. It was $100 bucks with bad clutch, and it was worthless every penny of it. So I asked one of my buddies to come over and help me spruce it up a bit. This is what we came up with...

Step 1: Before the Mods

Before it was miraculously restored, it looked like this. I know, its hard to believe it was that ugly. Thank goodness for colored tape!

Step 2: Problem Solved

To completely customize this ride, we took add on scoops you can buy at almost any auto store like Auto Zone or Pep Boys. Then we spray painted the entire hood and those scoops flat black. After drying, we taped the scoops on and laid a nice big white racing stripe over the whole hood. The last part was adding the stripe on the side of the car which followed the contour of the vehicle nicely.



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    Well actually...

    Very nice, also good job with the duck tape, i thought it was all paint. keep up the good work

    the question is, can you drive it now? =)