Can Am Commander A-arm Guard Installation


Introduction: Can Am Commander A-arm Guard Installation

This tutorial will demonstrate how easy it is to install the Factory UTV A arm guards on the Can Am Commander

Step 1: These A-arm Guards by Factory UTV Are Easy to Install and Are Made of UHMW Super Heavy Duty Plastic. the Pair of Guards Is Only About $200 Plus Shipping and Will Protect Your Tie Rods, A-arms and Other Front Suspension Components.

Step 2: Use the Flathead Screws and the Lock Nuts Provided to Mount the New A-arm Guards on the A-arms. the Bolts Should Be on the Outside Facing the Ground

Step 3: The Lock Nuts Should Be on the Inside of the Guards As Pictured Below.

Step 4:



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    Thanks for sharing sbsparts! Do you have any clearer photos of where the guard is attached? Is there a step 4 that I'm missing? Thanks!