Hi, My name is Jake McKee and this is my instructable :)

This is what you will need 1 can, 4 buttons, 1 pen, 1 golf tee, tape, knife, glue.

Step 1: Here You Need to Trace Out Where You Want Your Seat.

Step 2: Then You Need to Mark Where You Want the Wheels.

Step 3: Here You Need to Put Glue on One End of the Tee.

Step 4: Then Put the Can Tab on the Tee.

Step 5: Here We Will Cut the Seat Hole.

Step 6: This Is What It Will Look Like.

Step 7: Here You Will Mark the Tee Hole.

Step 8: And Here Glue the Buttons on the Can for Wheels.

Step 9: Then Lets It Dry.

Step 10: The End

Heres your new car.

<p>Great idea! Very creative.</p>
<p>Very nice little model car! Thanks for sharing how you made this :)</p>
<p>No problem it was fun to make!!</p>

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