Using only a kitchen stove and water Tim and Declan crush soda cans by harnessing the power of the mighty molecule!
Anyone knows what happens if you put chocolate in the can <br> <br>We are doing a experiment in class and I HAVE TO KNOW!!!!!!! <br>
I did this in my Phys Science class last year lol
blink blink blink blink blink blink blink. but really nice experiment!!!!!! I always like to see a father and son doing a project together
A classic experiment (I think versions have been posted here before).<br/><br/>Slight correction to the explanation - you didn't just heat the air in the can, you displaced it. The steam from the boiling water <em>replaced</em> the air. When you cooled the can, the vapour condensed, decreasing in volume dramatically, creating a vacuum.<br/><br/>You don't need the ice for it to work, cold tap-water is fine, and if you use deeper water, you sometimes get a satisfying <em>smack</em> sound as the water rushes in and hits the inside surface of the can.<br/>
Thanks for the clarification, Kiteman. I've updated the video with some extra lower third text to hopefully make my explanation a little clearer.
It's good to see a Dad and Son doin' some science together!

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