Soda Can Hinge Wallet Chain!!





Introduction: Soda Can Hinge Wallet Chain!!

Make a (Semi)quick wallet chain out of hinges found at the top of every soda can! Finally a good use for those lonely hinges!!

Step 1: Supplies

The things you will need in order to make one of these wallet chains are -

- about 132 to 152 can hinges. It depends on the length of the chain you want to make. You can either go to your local recyling center and ask them if you can get the hinges of their cans or you can look on the floor in the street for them. (View all the pictures for more info)
- 1 Heavy Duty Wire Cutters. You can also use scissors but it will take longer.
- One Key Ring or Two.

Step 2: Starting Off...

-To start off, first cut the bottom section of every hinge. You will have to do this to EVERY hinge.(See First Picture) I am going to label the top hole "Top Hole" and the bottom hole, "Bottom hole"

-After that's done,(See Second Picture) get the key ring and feed the key ring through the top hole of one hinge. (See Third Picture)

-Then keep adding hinges to bottom hole of this single hinge. This is the only single one you will have. (See Fourth Picture)

-After you have added 4 hinges, add 4 more to those bottom 4, and so on.. creating a 4 X 4 pattern.(See Last Picture)

Step 3: Enjoy!

After you have finished weaving all of your hinges, insert one end in your wallet and clip the other end to your pants. Hopefully yours will look like mine. Everyone will be amazed at your patience and creativity.Enjoy...!



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    Ya know if you cut the thin part of the tab it's easier and just as strong. Just flip the tab.

    @ColdSpooky i've actually put a carrabiner on the front part of the chain. its a lot easier to put on, but i leave the key ring and clip on in the back. that just tends to take a long time on it's own lol

    can you use carabiners instead of the clip and key chain?

    1 reply

    Your more than welcome to..actually, I don't know why I didn't think of that.

    Uhm I have got a question.. well when you have made a little cut to connect the pop tabs together, what is the best way to put them back nicely like there have never bin a cut before?

    2 replies

    you can try soldering. but besides that, i doesn't really matter because it VERY sturdy.. I posted this in 08...and my chain has not broken yet.

    well since theres more than one for each link, it seems to block the escape pretty well

    HAHA my friend makes a chain the exact way but his is 20 meters long O_O

    sweet. you could collect one hinge or two from your friends and it would be like a friendship chain.

    1 reply

    you can probably get one from ALL your friends. how about that?

    see i found it easyer to have the cuts going the other way. that way you don`t have to oppen all 4 to put more on. this way you can take the one you are putting on, have the cut open and put it on the previous 4. you see what i am getting at or am i just freakin out of my mind?

    2 replies

    you can do that but its not gonna be as strong as mine. Mine is actually pretty hard to break.

    You might be. I don't really get what you saying, could you put up a picture?

    This is not semi-quick, it's only that way if you go to one of those post-recycling places and get the tabs from there. If you're getting yours like I am, family, it takes forever. Reason: My dad drinks soda with the more square tabs the most.

    1 reply

    I got them from my neighbor. He collects cans. I took me one hour to find all of the ones seen in the picture.

    sure..i haven't tried that.

    What happens if i have more of those rockstar hinges than regulars (my dad's favorite drink).

    1 reply

    you can use a clip to add them for a little flourish. If they have both holes open then go right ahead and use those. Also, after you make one, you'll be amazed at it's strength and durability. Its very hard to break it.