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Introduction: Can Necklace

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This is a fun necklace that pretty much counts as recycling !

You'll need :
- scissors
- a jump ring (or whatever ring that is)
- a (empty) can

Step 1: Inspect the Can and Cut

Look around the can for things you might want on your necklace. On a diet coke can, there is a mini bottle of diet coke.
Once you've found something you like, cut it out.

Step 2: Poke and Loop

Now poke a hole in your cut out - but be careful that it's not too close to the edge otherwise it might rip (this happened to me shortly after I made this).
Pry your ring open and loop it through. Then close it and make sure your cutout wont fall off of the ring or necklace.

Step 3: Be Fabulous and Put It on a Necklace

Put your new pendant on a necklace and let the compliments start rolling in :)



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    This is so cool!
    Do you think they have that mini coke on the regular can? and was the edges sharp? When I make it I will cover it in Mod Podge. Thanks for this great instructible!

    1 reply

    i dont know about the regular can, but any sort of shapes work !

    also, the edges really weren't that sharp and I was cutting with sharp scissors so it was a clean cut (not too jagged) haha

    so glad you like it !

    Shouldn't you do something to the sharp edges to keep from cutting yourself? I like the idea but I can see this cutting flesh if your not careful.

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    It looks cool, but I can't help but mentally add flowing blood to the image.

    If your scissors are sharp, the can edges shouldnt be jagged or anything.
    also, the metal that the cans are made with is so thin that most of the time , that wont be a problem :)

    Even a straight edge can be sharp, but I was thinking about corners?

    What could you do to the edges anyway? Sanding wouldn't work... Maybe ModgePodge the whole thing? Or clear tape it? Hmmm...

    I think sanding would work, maybe with a dremel, to round the edges off.

    or maybe even a couple coats of clear nail polish...

    Oh, that's a good idea!

    I sand the edges of pop can jewelry with an emery board or nail file, so far I've never gotten a cut.