Introduction: Can Necklace

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This is a fun necklace that pretty much counts as recycling !

You'll need :
- scissors
- a jump ring (or whatever ring that is)
- a (empty) can

Step 1: Inspect the Can and Cut

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Look around the can for things you might want on your necklace. On a diet coke can, there is a mini bottle of diet coke.
Once you've found something you like, cut it out.

Step 2: Poke and Loop

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Now poke a hole in your cut out - but be careful that it's not too close to the edge otherwise it might rip (this happened to me shortly after I made this).
Pry your ring open and loop it through. Then close it and make sure your cutout wont fall off of the ring or necklace.

Step 3: Be Fabulous and Put It on a Necklace

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Put your new pendant on a necklace and let the compliments start rolling in :)


malibini (author)2013-01-20

This is so cool!
Do you think they have that mini coke on the regular can? and was the edges sharp? When I make it I will cover it in Mod Podge. Thanks for this great instructible!

PipPipPia (author)malibini2013-01-24

i dont know about the regular can, but any sort of shapes work !

also, the edges really weren't that sharp and I was cutting with sharp scissors so it was a clean cut (not too jagged) haha

so glad you like it !

RedneckEngineer (author)2011-08-28

Shouldn't you do something to the sharp edges to keep from cutting yourself? I like the idea but I can see this cutting flesh if your not careful.

Kiteman (author)RedneckEngineer2011-08-29


It looks cool, but I can't help but mentally add flowing blood to the image.

PipPipPia (author)Kiteman2011-08-29

If your scissors are sharp, the can edges shouldnt be jagged or anything.
also, the metal that the cans are made with is so thin that most of the time , that wont be a problem :)

Kiteman (author)PipPipPia2011-08-30

Even a straight edge can be sharp, but I was thinking about corners?

BarginsTech (author)Kiteman2011-08-31

What could you do to the edges anyway? Sanding wouldn't work... Maybe ModgePodge the whole thing? Or clear tape it? Hmmm...

Kiteman (author)BarginsTech2011-08-31

I think sanding would work, maybe with a dremel, to round the edges off.

PipPipPia (author)Kiteman2011-09-11

or maybe even a couple coats of clear nail polish...

Kiteman (author)PipPipPia2011-09-11

Oh, that's a good idea!

wombatmorrison (author)2011-08-31

I sand the edges of pop can jewelry with an emery board or nail file, so far I've never gotten a cut.

scoochmaroo (author)2011-08-29

Very cute.

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