Picture this, you are having a backyard party at your beach house a day from now. You will have lots of sandy folks wanting to go in your freshly cleaned house. What will prevent this from happening? An outdoor shower of course!

But you:

a) don't want to spend a lot of money on a temporary set up
b) want to try and offer a pleasant experience (aka, not a freezing one!)
c) you want it to be a good party conversation starter

Well I have a fun / easy / inexpensive solution... A simple solar heated hose system with an up-cycled can as the shower head.


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Step 1: Supply List

Picture of Supply List
shower 1.jpg
shower 4.jpg
shower 6.jpg

(x1) 100 foot long black garden hose
(x1) large shelf bracket
(x1) small shelf bracket
(x6) 5/8" stainless wood screws
(x1) 3/4" Male / Female garden hose fitting
(x1) 3/4" Male / Female garden hose fitting w/ valve
(x1) O ring hose washer
(x6) 14" black zip ties
(x1) aluminum can (I used a Mike's Harder Lemonade can)
(x1) bag of large smooth stones (I got mine at Home Depot)

cordless drill
box cutter with fresh blade
fine tip Sharpie pen
wooden spoon or stick

Step 2: Pull Tab

Picture of Pull Tab

Remove the tab from the empty can that is to be transformed into the shower head.

Step 3: Mark It

Picture of Mark It
shower 12.jpg
shower 13.jpg

Take the hose fitting without the valve and place the male threaded side down on top of the can, so that it's circumference lines up as best as possible with the drink hole in the can. Use the pen to trace the fitting outline onto the can top.

Step 4: Cut It Out

Picture of Cut It Out

Using the box cutter, carefully shave away the metal until you end up with the traced circle cut out.

Step 5: Make it Holey

Picture of Make it Holey
shower 17.jpg

Using the tip of the box cutter, carefully puncture holes into the bottom of the can. Do this by lightly pressing the blade tip into the soft aluminum and then twisting the blade back and forth a little bit. Do an outer ring and an inner ring, like pictured.

SamuelA18 months ago

man this is really nice

Kinkle10 months ago

It would be much more efficient to lay the hose out really long. Well done though

chilfi110 months ago

Interesting Idea. I understand this is sponsor by mikes lemonade but I assume the same results could be achieved with a can and use a brass hose fitting or even a standard shower head

f5mando chilfi110 months ago

I agree. A standard shower head would be the cherry on top for me, at least!

Paige Russell (author)  chilfi110 months ago


ihart10 months ago

Nicely done!

Next project idea: Couple 100 Mikes Lemonade empty's together. Pass your garden hose connection through these cans. Leave assembly in the sun. Shower water will be warm. ;-)

brucelim42910 months ago

great idea, i was just about to buy an outdoor shower

jtmarin10 months ago
That is so cool
rolltidehank10 months ago
What a great and simple outdoor shower!
Paige Russell (author)  rolltidehank10 months ago

Thanks for the high five!

cege10 months ago


Paige Russell (author)  cege10 months ago

Thanks cege!

minty9110 months ago

Cool idea :-)

tominjose10 months ago


frankasura10 months ago

Thanks for share.... :-D