Picture of Can Suit
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Step 1: Cans

Picture of Cans
At first you need a lot of cans... about 350-400!
I decided to use RED BULL COLA cans because of two reasons.

First one: i like the colours and their combination in this diagonally way.

Second one: some cans are made out of aluminium, others are produced out of tin-foil (coca-cola). Red Bull uses aluminium. The advantage of aluminium is, that you have no corrosion (rust) at the cut edge and its much easier to cut and to punch!

The disadvantage of aluminium is that its not that ductile, tin-foil is more ductile, and therefore it breakes easier when you start buckling it 2 or 3 times at the same place... but if you act carefully with your suit, this won´t be a problem.

The gloves for this suit aren´t part of this instructable, they have their own and can be found here:

Step 2: Tools

Picture of Tools

This image shows the most important tools and materials i used.

Step 3: Tools

Picture of Tools

Before you start connecting you need holes. Therfore use a puncher or a special bin rail. The hole-diameter has to be larger (1mm) than the grommet-diameter (5mm). This is necessary because the grommets fit better and the pieces stay flexible towards each other. The connection of the pieces works well with grommets (do you call them grommets?). For more solid connections, especially between the can pieces and the steel band, use blind rivets. The steel band helps you to strut some parts like the helmet or the shoulder components.

Step 4: Cutting

Picture of Cutting
Remove the cap and the bottom of the can, then cut the cans if you want to give your suit a special optic. I choosed the diagonals where the colours change. Be carefull and use gloves, otherwise you will hurt yourself at the cutting edge!!!

Step 5:

Picture of
Here you see an inside view to the shoulder and front component. Based on my body size, i used a chain to get the most important data, i constructed something like a frame out of steel band and tin-foil. After that, i took the can pieces and connected them bit by bit with the frame.
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dudes10 months ago

dude this is insane!

bobert6102 years ago
Bravo! This is awesome man! The craftsmanship is fantastic!
KneXtreme2 years ago
Wow! That's amazing! The last picture is awesome.
That is just incredible: nice job.
firepup1043 years ago
Is it aluminum foil like at a grocery store?
If you're asking about the rolls of aluminum foil...

Not exactly. The stuff you buy on rolls to cook your turkey or what have you is much, much thinner than the stuff they make pop cans with. (I'm a midwesterner, and that's what we call those. Deal with it.) That's why it crumples and punches through so easily.

It is almost impossible to use Reynold's Wrap to create something like this (unless you're up for melting it down and hammering it out), if that's what your asking.
wobbler2 years ago
Is it a Bull? Is it a Cola? No, it's Can Man!

Those who can do, those who can't can always make a can suit.
jgonzalez-23 years ago
i bet with all that red bull he was up for a week or two making that suit. with all that time in it. it did come out pretty good. one question though... any problems with getting cut by the edges of the cans ?
Prototyp 81 (author)  jgonzalez-23 years ago
no, i wear long johns and a longsleeve shirt...
is saw another question posted about where did you get all the cans from ? dont remember seeing the answer. so where did all the cans come from.. and if they were all bought periodically by yourself. how long did it take to get em all. thanks and thumbs up on your build
Prototyp 81 (author)  jgonzalez-23 years ago
i answerd this question already further down... got these cans (empty) from red bull!
TimmyMiller3 years ago
where did you get the cans?
TimmyMiller3 years ago
very patriotic.
djimdy3 years ago
Hang on. Not to be pedantic, because this actually does matter, but "tin-foil" is aluminium. Not many people actually use foil made of real tin (Sn, element name Stannum, the dominant component in regular, rosin-core electronics solder).

Not only that, but were your cans made of actual tin, they wouldn't rust at all (nor would they hold much pressure) -and- they would in fact be a piece of cake to cut.
While it's also true that true tin foil is more ductile than aluminium, ductility does not in and of itself lead to breakage. But you're not using tin, you're using 2 thicknesses of aluminium with differing amounts of work-hardening, which actually does determine resistance to breakage.

Steel cans, on the other hand, will rust, weigh a lot, are hard to cut, harder to find, harder to shape, etc.

Just thought you guys should know.
Prototyp 81 (author)  djimdy3 years ago
Thank you for the information. Perhaps i am not that good with these technical terms but for me tin-foil is not foil made out of real tin... Its a thin sheet steel coated with tin...

You probably mean thin, galvanized steel sheet. If it was actually tinned steel, that would be pretty useful, since it means you could solder directly to the sheet and make lots of really great things.

In any case, nice job with the design and construction!
mysss djimdy3 years ago
He means tinplate, which is what most food cans are made of. (Or at least they used to be?) That's mild steel plated with tin for foodsafeness and corrosion resistance. I don't come across many Coke cans, but I thought they were aluminum too, so...doesn't clear up the issue entirely I guess.
I don't know what Coke and other soda cans are made of where you live, but here in the US they're made of aluminum. I very rarely come across drink cans that are made of steel or tin. Just thought you should know.

Very cool suit, by the way! Great construction!

Nachoman3 years ago
nbrown-13 years ago
Would you be able to update the instructable with a list of what those tools and materials are for those of us who can't recognize them just by looking at the picture?

I'm trying to make a suit of armor like this, and it would really help to know what exactly I'm buying.

Prototyp 81 (author)  nbrown-13 years ago

Ok i will try!

1: I used metal shears to remove the bottom of the can which is harder than the rest of the can and to cut the steelband and the tinplate.

2: For the rest of the can i used a ordinary shere.

3: To punch the holes in the can pieces i used a hole puncher and a punch pliers.

4: To connect the can pieces to each other i used a grommet pliers. (The Grommet diameter should be about 1 mm smaller than the hole diameter --> can pieces stay movable)

5: For the places i couldnt reach with the grommet pliers or that needed a more solid connection i used a blind rivet pliers.

6: Steel band to structure some parts like the helmet or the shoulder component.

7: Tinplate for the same reason but its more flexible than the steel band and can be used at other places.

8: Gloves for your saftey!

9..... CANS!!!

I think these are the most important things you will need everything else is optional and i`m sure there are several other ways and tools that work as well as mine did, or even better!!!
As said, these tools were used to work with aluminium cans!
What is more, the tools aren`t that expensive... the absolutely most important thing you will need is a lot of time!

Thanks a bunch! That's really helpful.
chicopluma3 years ago
Red bull gives you (wings) an amazing armor
mjackson43 years ago
haha! You need to try for sponsorship after making that suit!
I've got to say this is so cool and I love it !
Better than a can't suit!
CRHazardous3 years ago
Did red bull send you empty cans?? Did it cost you for the cans? And how much?
Asa J3 years ago
Pretty sweet, but I would probably trip and bleed to death from a million tiny lacerations.
angelabchua3 years ago
Oh my word! This is AMAZING! Please tell me that the folks at Red Bull have seen this?! Amazing job!
dangerine3 years ago
How did you make the knee joints bendable? Can we get some more photos of the knees, elbow, shoulder areas to see how it moves? Maybe a close up of how you layer the pieces for the rivits?
Prototyp 81 (author)  dangerine3 years ago
no problem, i will add them tomorrow!
jkbrigman3 years ago
Double rainbows!
instruct393 years ago
ver cool, just needs to be alot more described and have a few more pictures to be a full instuctable though
yes, this really needs more detail. at this point of development it's less 'Instructable' and more 'Likes'-trolling.

Prototyp 81 (author)  noire3 years ago
i am working on it... more pictures more discription!
AxlTxl3 years ago
That's really a cool suit! And it's done very well!

just a silly question... did that suit give you wings? :D

nice job, bsenger!
psbuckley3 years ago
Excellent job!
I understand why people want MORE DETAIL!!! However, I tend to think it's fine the way it is. Do they want a suit EXACTLY like yours or do they want to improvise in a few places. They will likely have to do that anyway because of their body type.
Anyway, keep up the good work!
Maybe Red Bull will give you wings next!
Chakazuluu3 years ago
Excellent project - just not enough detail...
askjerry3 years ago
It's hard to tell from your instructable, do you pop rivet the cans together directly, or to a piece of cloth to act as a flexible medium? Actually... they don't look like pop-rivets... what kind are they?

Can you show more detail on the construction part? You have great photos of the completed item... and some good photos of the tools and prep work... but the actual INSTRUCTIONS that make this an Instructable... they are a but vague.

You could include things like...
1) How you calculated the layout / shape.
2) How the parts were joined.
3) What did you do differently at the joint areas.
4) How many sections, and how are they held together.

They look like very short, prolly 1/8 inch aluminum pop rivets.
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