Picture of Can Table
Ever wanted a nice, vibrant, colourful piece of furniture that wont break the bank?

Then want no more this simple, affordable table is perfect for you and the same method can be adapted for almost any piece of furniture.

This Instructable is a restoration, of sorts, on an old table which was saved from the going to the landfill.

Step 1: What You Will Need

Picture of What You Will Need
Unfortunately I couldnt photograph the equipment you will need but it is nothing too complex so a picture shouldn't be necessary.

You will need:
Paint, any it's personal personal preferance here, I chose chalkboard black so it could be drawn on in chalk
Sandpaper, I find 100 grit is perfect
A paintbrush
All the usual gear for painting ( cleaning fluid, newspaper to keep things clean etc)
A donor piece of furniture or you could make your own
Cans , I can't really be exact here as no two will be the same but I ended up using ten, the table will look a lot better with a wide range of colours so I felt Barr cans were perfect as all the different flavours have a different bright colour
Adhesive of some sort, I used a fast setting tube of adhesive which is used with a caulking gun, but almost anything would work
Scissors, a blade or a tin opener, whatever you choose to use to cut your cans
denimdoor3 years ago
I absolutely LOVE this idea. There are green tea cans that I thought were so beautiful but couldn't think of what I could do with them. This idea is perfect. Just cut them down so they're flat. LOVE IT!
The Science Guy (author)  denimdoor3 years ago
I think it's the simplicity that gives it the wow factor. I'd love to see pictures of yours if possible!
Cool. I am really really tempted to make this.
I'm glad you liked it. If you do make it I'd love to see your version. Seeing another persons choices of colour/can should be interesting.

Loopstyle3 years ago
Really nice! Thanks for sharing :)
The Science Guy (author)  Loopstyle3 years ago
Thanks for the comment. I'm glad you liked it!
GummiBear3 years ago
Rly cool tbl :)
The Science Guy (author)  GummiBear3 years ago
Thank you very much :)
Awesome! I've never heard of Barr, but it makes for a very colorful table!
Thank you. Barr are a company based and founded in Scotland who make, other than the cans on the table, a very popular drink Irn Bru.