Can You Make a Ring Out of Wood Shavings?





Introduction: Can You Make a Ring Out of Wood Shavings?

I made this ring to see if it`s possible to make one from wood shavings and not only veneer like other woodworkers have done.

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Step 1: Processing the Stock

Cutting the stock to size (Rosewood and Maple) and gluing it together

Step 2: Planing Your Stock

Taking Wood Shaves

Step 3: ‚ÄčPreparing the Shaves

squaring edges and cutting paralel stripes

Step 4: Gluing and Sanding

Glue the strips around round object, which represent your ringfinger until you get desired thickness.

Then sand it to get smooth edges

Step 5: Get Married!!!

Finish the ring with either beeswax or CA glue (Cyanoacrylate)



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    great project! toying around with your idea, looking promising. what did you coat the tube with to keep the ring from sticking to it?

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    Novel idea, I like it

    CA is not water proof, so if it gets wet with sweat or wet by some other means the glue will fail.

    An acrylic would be good to use to make it more lasting, maybe use up to 3000 grit paper to get a nice surface before coating in resin, then use up to 3000 again to make it really awesome.

    Good job, keep it up.

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    I think this would be an awesome idea to share with my sweetheart's carver brother...custom wedding bands, layer different shades of wood so the designs stand out! Niiiice

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    Thank you :3 I also think that you should share it with your Bro :D I made this rings one for me and one for my Bro :)

    I am planing to try to make more rings from different types of trees like Olive, Mahogany, Walnut, Orange Osage, Oak and many more :)

    it's really cool that you did this but it seems the ring would be very fragile. could it be reinforced in some way with a polymer?

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    Thank you, I also did a some kind of test with finishes and if you glue the whole ring with CA glue it will get super tough, because the wood absorb the glue completely, and other second one I used waterproof glue but I needed to finish it with coat of CA glue because it was like a gum and it is still kinda soft but it will not break I hope :S :)

    How deep do you have your plane set? I normally have mine for really thin shavings, which I'm afraid would be too thin. When I set it for deeper, I normally gouge the heck out of my wood. Great work by the way!

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    Thank you for kind words :3

    I have this amazing Veritas plane but I sharpened it so much that when you try to shave the hair it falls off before you touch it hahahah :D

    So I think that you only need to sharpen up your plane and everything will go smoothly.

    The thickness of the shave is 0.2 to 0.4 mm I think

    The thinnest shave that I managed to take was 0.015 cca hahah

    (I measured it with my micrometer)

    If you make a ring please send me the photos :)

    Cheers Moris

    Thank you very much :) hahah :P

    If you make a ring pls send me some photos, I would appreciate it :D

    Nicely done! I will be going through my buddy's sawdust bin.

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    Thank you :) Yeah, you definitely should make a ring or two :P