This is one awesome chair...made out of garbage. Most of us eat canned food from time to time, and all of us receive junk mail. Now you can make a sturdy chair out of items that would normally be thrown away. I covered mine with old jeans, but it can be covered with  any medium to heavy weight fabric. A toddler chair could be made with about 50 cans. If the seat were 4 cans wide x 4 cans and only 1 can tall. The arms could be 2 cans tall and the back 3 cans tall. 

Step 1: Supplies Needed

Cans from vegetables,(15 ounce) corn, green beans, etc... I used 204 cans for my chair. They were all the same size. I also used 4 more cans for the legs but they were larger. Shredded paper...lots of it. Old jeans, newspapers, cardboard, shipping tape, glue gun and glue sticks. There is a piece of plywood on the bottom. You can use cans for the bottom for the legs like I did or attach store-bought legs. The great thing about making this chair is you don't have to wait until you have collected all the cans to start working on it. I probably spent a total of $10 on this project. Hot glue sticks, Tape and dowel rods. 
<p>Clever and something most of us could do - even if we get help with making a cover! I've used plastic milk crates to make a lounge in my younger days and cans as supports for shelves and bookcases, but I've never thought of this use for them. Well done!</p>
This is ingenious. Love it!
Yessss! Think of the possibilities!
I like the idea, but I would use something other than tape to secure the legs, if you did I'm sorry, I just glanced at it.
I do plan to replace the can legs with store-bought chair legs eventually.
Very green! I like it!

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