Picture of Can "O" Stuff
This is a fast and simple craft for turning a soda can into a pen and pencil holder, cheap and nerdy flower vase or whatever you can think of putting inside a soda can.
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Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need
All you need is one soda can of your choosing, box cutter/razor blade or anything like that your comfortable with, and some pliers.

Step 2: Getting started

Picture of Getting started
After you have consumed your beverage take your cutting tool and begin to cut out the top of the can, (away from yourself!) Keep on cutting until the top of the can is removed, as in see in picture # 2.

Step 3: Safety First

Picture of Safety First
Now heres where the pliers come in handy. use the pliers to pinch the sharp edge inward, away from the opening. Be careful not to squeeze too hard and ruin the can.

Step 4: Finshed

Picture of Finshed
Now you can put pens, pencils, flowers, soda tabs, anything in it and its a cheap decoration. Be sure to clean out can before you put things in it.
this is a great idea! ... and i haven't had a Tab in years
_mystical_k5 years ago
My best friend's mom did this a long time ago and I remember she put some black electrical tape around it so that it wouldn't cut and it still looked very professional.
NoFiller5 years ago
Try using a can opener. I'm not sure that it always works, but I have done it before. Scrapes up the outside a little bit, though.
Indeed, I was about to say that too, It works, And it seems a bit safer than using a razor.
merleman (author)  NoFiller5 years ago
cool i keep that in mind, thanks