This is a fast and simple craft for turning a soda can into a pen and pencil holder, cheap and nerdy flower vase or whatever you can think of putting inside a soda can.

Step 1: What You Need

All you need is one soda can of your choosing, box cutter/razor blade or anything like that your comfortable with, and some pliers.
this is a great idea! ... and i haven't had a Tab in years
My best friend's mom did this a long time ago and I remember she put some black electrical tape around it so that it wouldn't cut and it still looked very professional.
Try using a can opener. I'm not sure that it always works, but I have done it before. Scrapes up the outside a little bit, though.<br />
Indeed, I was about to say that too, It works, And it seems a bit safer than using a razor. <br />
cool i keep that in mind, thanks

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