Can the sparks from a tesla coil roast marshmallows?

(Cautionary note - we had an expert in the group to help with safety issues).

Step 1: Diagram

First a diagram of what we are building.

Wait, is that the Tesla coil from the make magazine danger edition? By the way, did the marshmallow roast?
<p>In spite of the voltage being in the 10s of thousands they were only moderately melted. Probably not the most efficient way to cook marshmallows but definitely the most exciting :)</p>
<p>Well... How well were they roasted!?! The suspense is killing me!! XD Great idea though!</p>
<p>That's awesome. </p>
<p>Did you guys happen to take a photo of the marshmallows after? I would love to see that!</p>
<p>Holy Cow! Now that's one of the coolest experiments I've seen on Instructables....!</p>
<p>That's really cool!</p>

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