Step 15: Final Fold of the Canard

Fold the right edge to meet with the center fold.
Then fold the whole folded canard to the left again, repeat on other side.
Fold in the canard
a tip: please be more descriptive... i didnt make it right and now im mad, not at you, just some lack of knowing where to do stuff <br>
Great glider, just built it.
This is an awesome plane! Thanks :)
excellent work
i cant understand 11th step to 15 th step
Hi there. This is Ed Hui, inventor of the Paperang. Thank you for acknowledging the Paperang. Hope you don't mind me mentioning that the instructions for the original Paperang are available from www.paperang.com. It would have been nice if you'd asked before publishing instructions to the Paperang. I know the internet is a wild place, and copyright seldom respected, but I'd certainly have asked you if I wanted to reproduce a design of yours. More to the point, I would certainly object and take legal action if someone reproduced the design commercially, but I am satisfied you have no such intention. You therefore have my permission to publish it here; but this is for this site and in this form only. Anyway, your modification is certainly new- I have tried many variations- as you know from my site, I consider the Paperang a system rather than an individual design. The combination of tapered spars, a hang glider shape and the staple or other fastening in the middle constitute the original idea. My experience with the Paperang is the same as yours in that it's pretty futile to tweak the trailing edge. However, the design as I've published it flies fine without the canard. I think the difference lies in the point in centre of the trailing edge of your variation. It acts as a down elevator, causing the nose to pitch down. I can see from the video that the glide angle you achieve is actually a good deal worse than the Paperang, although you have good stability. Please give the Paperang another go, but with a more accurate trailing edge without the point. Make the cut cross the centre fold at right angles. In any case I'm glad you enjoyed messing about with the Paperang- it's 30 years since I invented it. I still haven't seen anything that combines its efficiency with its aerobatic ability. Have you tried launching it hard indoors in a sports hall? Kind regards Ed
When you buy the book at zulu and amazon and things does the Paperang Moth book come on its own or doesn it have other airplanes in book because it is about £4. I think the paperang and paperang moth are really good. I just made the Paperang and it flies really well.. Plus the Paperang moth looks rewally interesting
It's just a little book with just the Paperang Moth. Yes, it's &pound;4 and there's p&amp;p as well, but the Moth is very special- it's outrageously simple, but truly elegant. It's a one trick pony, as they say, but it's a very special trick.<br/>I thought of using other methods, but this seemed the most sensible. It's not something I can just show with photos, or on youtube, because its performance is due to complete freedom from the rules of origami. So, there are no 'self templating' folds, no relationship with the straight edges of the paper, and the entire outline of the design is cut out. Having gone to the trouble of describing it properly, it seemed to me that it made a pretty little book perfect for the 'print to order' model of lulu.com so I thought I'd give it a go. It does mean that parents and grandparents can have something physical to send as a gift. It's a rare thing nowadays for a really original craft idea to be available in this way and I make no apologies for it. yes, it'd be nice to make a few pennies, but I'm far more excited by the fact that it's something you can hold. For those who don't know, the flight of the Paperang Moth can be seen at<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=I1QZbekTXQo&amp;fmt=18">http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=I1QZbekTXQo&amp;fmt=18</a><br/>The book can be bought from<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.lulu.com/content/5125220">http://www.lulu.com/content/5125220</a><br/>
never knew you would reply so fast...
You never knew a little piece of paper could fly so well, either... :-D
I know ,that's why I just tried to make it..And ,how do you throw a paperang so it 'll come back to you?My paperang turns back to me when i throw it ,but it always<strong> land </strong>before i can catch it..
&nbsp;Launch it with a more upwards trajectory? Harder? Watch the video- there's nothing hidden.<br /> Ed
See you replied fast again!! Lol =]<br/>
do you make any paperang moth?
Ah..the paperang moth!&nbsp;They are very amazing!&nbsp;By the way ,I tried to make a small paperang..but it doesn't fly well..What should I do to make it stable? ( I mean, it's a small <strong>original </strong>paperang..) Thanks..
Ed, Don't think that this infringes on your copyright unless text or photos you made are included within this instructable. Since you invented this design 30 years ago there is also no patent that will keep him from making derivative designs or even instructions to make your original design. Still glad you designed the Paperang.
Hi As I said, I have no objection to Layangman's efforts here, so my comments are general. There is no patent. I love the idea of people making Paperangs- patents would be counter to that idea. The issue is copyright, from my publications that range from 1987 to my current website- not from the time I invented it. Copyright law is complex, of course, but I coined the word 'Paperang', and there large body of text, diagrams and photos that describe not only the basic Paperang instructions but the ways the designs can be varied. Obviously I would most likely only pursue large publishers who attempted to infringe copyright for their profit. But that's not really the point- I do want to maintain and affirm my status as inventor of the Paperang. Anyone who wanted to share the original Paperang experience can always refer readers to the instructions and photos on paperang.com, so there is no need to reinvent the wheel, so to speak. Anyone who wanted to add anything, as our host has, should as a matter of courtesy link back to the original or give a proper reference. As I've implied, I'm sure Layangman had all good intentions and I have no complaint; but although he mentioned the Paperang by name, he didn't mention the fact that there was in fact a website, or refer to one of my published books. Let's not talk about legalities here- it's just not best practice. That's why I made contact. Anyway, I hope that clarifies my position; I don't want to take up more space here- if you'd like to discuss further, do e-mail me. Contact details are at paperang.com
Hi Ed, Thank you for the permission to publish instructions. I do acknowledge Paperang as being the original since CanardWings is a variation. You are right in that I have no commercial interest in this instructable, I just love paperplanes/gliders and want to share with the community here. I would be very happy if you try out this variation, as you can see, the folding of the leading edge is different from step 6 onwards. I think this makes the aspect ratio of the CanardWings differ from the Paperang. Of course I will try out your suggestion to do away with the sharp end tail. No, I have not tried it in a sports hall, and indoors are a little crammed here. I would be honored if you would consider coming aboard as a collaborator. Cheers, Pat
Can you make it come back to you after you throw it? just like the original paperang..But your &quot;canard paperang&quot; is awesome!It flies as good as the original paperang!
i may be hurting the paperang, but what about the omniwing? ive tried omniwing against paperang, and the omniwing won in <strong>every single test</strong>. the omniwing has some pretty good stuff. as long as you can do the paperang, you can do the omniwing, and if you can do the omniwing, you can do the ADVANCED omniwing... a huge paper glider.<br />
My school teacher invented the paperang I'll show this to him
woops he has already posted Edhui :)
its really good, but in some ways better yet in others worse than the paperang but still awesome ! :D good work! (you don't need to know my real name!)
Very cool.
That a lot of fun time , thanks !
Thanks! So did you make one yourself? Hope you had lots of fun.
Video added today.<br/>The slightly better video is hosted on <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.veoh.com/videos/v125755143kyFYWw">VEOH</a>VEOH.<br/>
WOW! that thing went far! good intructable
I like this. when or if you get this published you should add a video to it. I'd like to see it.
Hi, Glad you liked it, I like things that fly. You've made quite a lot of stuff;) Have fun. Cheers

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