The question that has haunted bacon lovers has always been: "When will someone find a way for me to enjoy bacon while I am performing tasks that are not bacon-friendly?"  Well my friends, that day has finally arrived!  We proudly present to you: Candied Pig-Nuts .

Just what is a Pig-Nut?  As a point of reference you could consider the Pig-Nut to be a distant cousin of the unfortunately misnamed "Burnt Peanut"; though neither is burnt, and as we mentioned, Pig-Nuts are made with BACON!

To a degree it goes without saying that bacon is one of God's greatest creations.  I know there are some who would argue against this, and quite frankly I'm not going to try to convince them otherwise because that would just inflate the demand.

Step 1: Gather the Hardware and Software

Raid the pantry or head to the grocery store for the Software
16oz. Shelled Pecans Halves *1
12oz. package thin-sliced uncooked Bacon (Be careful, sometimes bacon packages contain 16oz) *2
1 Large room temperature egg (we'll only need the white)
2tsp. Maple Syrup (or Maple-flavor Syrup)
2tsp. Cold water
3/4C. White Granulated Sugar
1/4C. Light Brown Sugar
2tsp. Ground Cinnamon (Reduce to 1tsp. if fresh-ground)
Butter flavored cooking spray
1/2tsp. Bacon Salt (TM) *3
OPTIONAL 1/2tsp. Dried Red Pepper Flakes

Gather the Hardware
Aluminum foil
Cookie sheet
Heavy pan
Kitchen scissors
Chef's knife and cutting board, or food processor
2 Large mixing bowls
Whisk or fork
Silicone spatula
Measuring cups and spoons

* Step 1 Notes:
1. Unroasted, unsalted pecans are best, but if salted is all that's available, use low-sodium bacon.
2. We tested several precooked and shelf-stable bacon products and the results were sub-par.  Cook your own bacon for best results.
3. Bacon Salt is available in the seasoning section of many grocery stores.  Be careful to select a simple bacon flavor such as Original, Maple, or even Peppered.  Cheddar Cheese Bacon Salt is good, but not on Pig Nuts.
<p>Realizing I'm very late to this party, but if you're still around...</p><p>Why not almonds? Did I miss that explanation somewhere?</p>
No reason other than the walnuts have a lot of nooks and crannies for the bacon to bond to. Give it a try and report back because that sounds great. Scott
<p>This is a fabulous recipe and I am going to make it for my husband and son! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful recipe........my family is going to be very happy.</p>
Cool stuff, two things though:<br><br>1. Bacon by definition is not raw. In order for pork belly to be called bacon it is salt cured and hot smoked, you can eat it straight from the package if the mood strikes you.<br><br>2. A really easy way to cook bacon is to lay it out onto a sheet pan with some parchment paper cook at 350f until desired doneness (avg crispness is about 15 min). The bacon can be pulled up using a metal spatula and the fat left to cool or be collected into a glass bowl. This yields super consistent results, there are no pieces the have stacked with uncooked parts or pieces that were sitting alone that are almost char.
Can't get through a single contest without a bacon-themed entry, I swear! LOL, it's funny how versatile the stuff is, isn't it? Good luck in the contest!
Why would anyone want to &quot;get through a single contest without a bacon-themed entry&quot;? Yes, there are very few things bacon can't do. I started a list once, but it was so short it was hardly worth even calling it a list.<br> <br> Aristocob's short list of things bacon can&rsquo;t do:<br> 1. Repair a slipping clutch. (Though it may give you the strength to repair it.)<br> 2. Remove BBQ sauce stains from a white shirt.<br> 3. Make it easier to walk on ice when attached to the bottom of shoes.<br> 4. Function as a universal remote, unless what you are trying to control a dog, in which case it&rsquo;s superior to most universal remotes.<br> 5. Keep away flies. It fails at this task big-time, and surprisingly its effectiveness as a fly repellent seems to diminish exponentially over time. 6. Calculate Pi beyond 3.14159265. I still can&rsquo;t figure out why.<br> 7. Repair a broken coffee mug handle.<br> 8. Unplug a stuck drain.<br> 9. Be used as a push-stick on a table saw.<br> 10. Replace the straps on sandals. This was proven, much to my surprise, on a great video by Rhett and Link. <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k81iieW9AKI ">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k81iieW9AKI </a><br> 11. I got nothin&rsquo;.<br> <br> Thanks for the comment, and for your vote!&nbsp; Scott<br>
Oooh.. Bacon belt
God... I was expecting something really wierd (pig-nuts).
I fully understand. And please, feel free to call me Scott.
GREAT instructable!!!<br><br>And, YES, I own a Shopsmith!!
oh Gosh ! it is a kind of sweet bacon ! <br>I need to taste it :)
Sounds fantastic!
They are! Thanks for commenting.
Thought you meant something else for a moment. <br> <br>Speaking of nut jokes. <br> <br>What's the difference between beer nuts and deer nuts? <br> <br>Beer nuts are $4.50 a pound and deer nuts are under a buck.
I see what you did there.
You really need to get busy with your food inventions!
&quot;Get busy&quot; with my food inventions? What do you mean by that? It's disturbing!
No, silly! That's funny! I just meant the cake pie looks awesome and so do the pig nuts...you need to go into the confection business or something. You have great ideas! (This is Leah, by the way!)
Thanks Leah. That would be a neat gig to have.
These sound AMAZING, Scott! Can't wait to try them out! Great job w/ the instructions... good luck w/ the Candy Contest!!
HEY! How do you know my name is Scott? Oh yeah, you are one of my many sisters. :o) Thanks Sis; they really are quite good.

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