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Greetings, everyone!

Wanna create romantic atmosphere which is not so cliche? Try this candle carousel tree, the combination of the romance of tea candle light and the uniqueness of DIY!

I suggest reading every steps and viewing pictures before making your own one.

Step 1: Materials&Tools

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  • Colorful Cans
  • 270 cm Long 0.90 mm Stainless Wire
  • 18 m Long 2.5 mm Aluminium Wire
  • 9 Bicycle Cable End Caps
  • 9 Tea Candles


  • Stationary
  • Compasses
  • Scissors
  • Utility Knife
  • Protractor
  • Pliers

Step 2: Cut - Cut - Spread

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  1. Cut two ends of the can out with utility knife.
  2. Cut along the side of the can with scissors.
  3. Spread aluminium sheet putting colorful side on bottom.

Step 3: Draw - Draw - Draw

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  1. Draw a circle of radius 2.5 cm
  2. Draw 4 diameters dividing the circle into 8 equal pieces with utility knife.
  3. Draw a circle of radius 0.5 cm using the same center.

Step 4: Pierce - Cut - Cut

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  1. Make a hole big enough for a bicycle cable end cap to pass in (not through).
  2. Cut the circle out.
  3. Cut along diameters until you reach tiny circle.

Step 5: Bend - Insert - Repeat

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  1. Bend into windmill.
  2. Insert a bicycle cable end cap.
  3. Repeat the whole process with all cans.

Step 6: Cut - Bend - Repeat

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  1. Cut aluminium wire into 9 pieces of approximately 2 meters long.
  2. Bend into candle holder. (see pictures for more details)
  3. Repeat this process with all wires.

Step 7: Cut - Bend - Insert

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  1. Cut stainless wire into 9 pieces of 30 cm long.
  2. Make 3 loops at one end of each wire. (see pictures for more details)
  3. Put aluminium wire through loops. (see pictures for more details)

Step 8: Bind Wires

Picture of Bind Wires

Time to test your strength! Bind all wires together to create the base and the trunk of your tree.

Step 9: Design the Tree

Picture of Design the Tree

Design your ideal tree.

TIPS: For someone who is not good at drawing like me, I suggest creating a tiny prototype with wires.

Step 10: Bend Trunk and Branches

Picture of Bend Trunk and Branches

Bend the trunk and all branches into the shape you want.

Step 11: Make the Base

Picture of Make the Base

Balance your tree by making the base with remaining wires.

Step 12: Make Windmill Holder (Part 1)

Picture of Make Windmill Holder (Part 1)

Bend stainless wire to be able to stay on its own. (see pictures for more details)

Step 13: Make Windmill Holder (Part 2)

Picture of Make Windmill Holder (Part 2)
  1. Insert tea candle.
  2. Bend stainless wire to hold your windmill as guideline above. (see pictures for more details)

Step 14: Finish Your Windmill

Picture of Finish Your Windmill

Gently place your windmill, putting wire into bicycle cable end cap.

Step 15: Test

Picture of Test

Light all tea candles and readjust windmills to perfect position.

Step 16: Enjoy Your Candle Carousel Tree

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Place your candle carousel tree where you'd love to, light all tea candles, and enjoy romantic moment with your love one.

Some of carousels might not spin, but this work is still awesome!!!

NOTES:Carousels not spinning is caused by unpredictable direction of heat wave.

Step 17: One More Thing ...

Picture of One More Thing ...
  • Special Thanks: My Family
  • Thank you for visiting my instructables!

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Have a nice day :)


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That's cool!!!

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