Step 4: Wick

Picture of Wick
wicks consist of braided cotton threads. The size of the wick influences the size of the flame. A thicker wick in a thin candle will melt down the wax faster and the wax will start flowing down, whereas a thinner wick in a thicker candle will drown in melted wax and will not burn properly. So select the correct size of wicks.

Pre-tabbed wicks of different sizes with a circular metal tab attached at the bottom are also available in the market. You can use these wicks in container or teal-light candles. Zinc cored wicks are normally used with gel wax in a container.

Problems due to incorrect size of wicks

  • The flame is producing too much soot: Cause over-sized wick.
  • The candle is melting fast and melted wax is flowing down the side: Cause over-sized wick.
  • The candle is not burning properly: Cause under-sized wick
  • The wick is drowning in melted wax: Cause under-sized wick

Look at the picture of the burning candle. The wick is slightly bending down and allowing bottom of the wick to burn. This is the correct size of wick for  that thickness of candle.