Step 8: Silicone Molds

Picture of Silicone Molds
When it comes to making designer candles, Silicone molds are the best. Due to their flexibility and resistance to heat to a certain extent, you can make very exclusively shaped candles using silicone molds. You can see some of the candles made with silicone molds here, which are never possible using metal molds. The silicone molds need to be sprayed with silicone mold release before casting candles.

The only disadvantage with silicone molds are they have a limited life cycle.
AprilD26 months ago


How are you,

Im just wondering what is the best wax to pour into silicon moulds?

I have purchased a number of moulds but unsure what is the best wax to use for these moulds. if you could shed some light for me that would be great

thankyou Kind regards

antoniraj (author)  AprilD26 months ago
you can use any kind of wax (other than gel) in silicon molds. Silicon molds can withstand very high temperatures whereas the boiling temperature of wax is even less than boiling point of water. Make some experiments with different combinations of fully refined and semi refined waxes in a silicon mold. Take out the casting only after the wax is completely cooled.