Candle Holders That Hold Candles Steady While Re-Purposing Scrap Materials

Picture of Candle Holders That Hold Candles Steady While Re-Purposing Scrap Materials
Most candle holders I have obtained don't fit the candle very well. They are too wide and shallow or two thin.
One ought just be able to drop a candle in and have the candle remain straight and steady.
So I desgined a candle holder to do just that from re-purposed materials.
It will take less than 15 minutes, even if one is slow
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

Hot Melt Glue

discarded CD

Approximately 15 cm of 1 inch /2.5cm white PVC pipe, preferably used from a remodel or scrap.

A few inches of foli ( Optional)

Paint ( highly optional)

Hack saw for cutting PVC pipe 

( Or pipe cutting tool )

Miter box, (not required, but highly recommended )

Rasp or file 

Hot Melt Glue Gun , plugged in and  starting to melt the glue.

Step 2: Optional Step: Paint or Sand The Pipe

If you want the pipe a color other than white or foil covered, it may help to paint it now.

Or at least sand off  any printing that may be oin the pipe.

Step 3: Cut a 4 cm Piece of PVC Pipe

Picture of Cut a 4 cm Piece of PVC Pipe
Cut a 4 cm(  1.5 inch) piece of the pipe.

Use  asaw and miter box or a  pipe cutter 

Make the cut square or the candle will tilt..

(Before starting the cut, make sure that the glue gun is plugged in so there is no waiting for the gun to heat up)

After cutting, check the cut to make sure it is square.

Use the rasp or file to file away the bur and to make  the cut  square if it is not already so,.

Put away the remaining  piece of pipe for another day.
The reason a 15 cm piece was listed was to make it easy to handle the pipe

Step 4: Apply Hot Melt Glue To CD

Picture of Apply Hot Melt Glue To CD
If the glue is not already melted, then plug the gun in and wait.

Place the CD shiny side up

When the glue is melted, apply a circle of the glue  around the center of the CD.

The bead should be about a1 cm thick around the center of the CD

Be generous with the glue.

Be quick to go to the next step.

Wilmette (author) 2 years ago
I tried the silicone adhesive. It works, just takes a couple of hours to cure
Also tried "Instant Grap" construction adhesive. That did not work.
Epoxy always works
Dig it.
Stars AND or Eebies to you.