Most candle holders I have obtained don't fit the candle very well. They are too wide and shallow or two thin.
One ought just be able to drop a candle in and have the candle remain straight and steady.
So I desgined a candle holder to do just that from re-purposed materials.
It will take less than 15 minutes, even if one is slow

Step 1: Materials


Hot Melt Glue

discarded CD

Approximately 15 cm of 1 inch /2.5cm white PVC pipe, preferably used from a remodel or scrap.

A few inches of foli ( Optional)

Paint ( highly optional)

Hack saw for cutting PVC pipe 

( Or pipe cutting tool )

Miter box, (not required, but highly recommended )

Rasp or file 

Hot Melt Glue Gun , plugged in and  starting to melt the glue.

I tried the silicone adhesive. It works, just takes a couple of hours to cure <br>Also tried &quot;Instant Grap&quot; construction adhesive. That did not work. <br>Epoxy always works
Clever! <br>Dig it. <br>Stars AND or Eebies to you.

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Bio: Hobby interests include BSA, and trying minimalist solutions. Studied hypnotism. Married, 2 kids. Wish I had learned to sing.
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