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Introduction: Candle Light Message

Hi! Me and a couple of classmates have made some colored candle lights with a message-holder for a school project.

See video :

Here's how we made the candle lights.

Step 1: Glass Bottles

I went and bought some glass bottles which I'm going to use as a base for the candle light.

I bought some in "Dille & Kamille" , but you can choose any other bottle and customize it.

Step 2: Color

I've used some glue and colored paper to add color to the glass bottles.

You could also use some paint, but keep in mind that light has to be able to shine through your paint!

Step 3: Message Holder

To hold a paper message in place I've used some aluminum tubing that I connected to the bottle by twisting a steel wire in an X-fashion around the bottle and tubing. This makes a strong and secure fit that's relatively cheap and easy to do.

Step 4: You're Done!

There you have it!

Have fun making some of your own! :)



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    That's quite nice, the way you attached the rods to the candle using its own handle. Nice job!

    2 replies

    It's actually a separate steel wire that I twisted around the rod. Thanks!

    Ah just kidding; I see it now. Nice nevertheless!

    I like this idea. Thanks so much for sharing.


    1 reply