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Introduction: Candle Light From an Old Bulb

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I came up with this idea as i was disconnecting an old bulb in my house...

Step 1: What We Will Need...

What you will need:
- 1 old Bulb (i prefer E24 or B22)
- 1 old nozzle from burner motor
- Copper wire (for the Base)
- 25cm of wick
- Lamp Oil
- And of course a cup of Coffee...

Step 2: How to Break the Bulb...

We have to break the bottom and the inner of the bulb....
So we will need:
1) Safety Glasses
2) Safety Gloves
3) Pliers and some allen keys

Take the pliers and start hitting the very gently the bottom of the bulb.

The glass will start to crack, so carefully remove it.

Then with the nose pliers remove the metal contact.

Place the wrench and with gently blows, we break the inner glass bracket that holding the filaments.

And finally remove the glass holder and anything else left into the bulb.

Be very Careful not to break the bulb its extremely fragile ...

Step 3: Explode the Nozzle...

As you can see the nozzle has its own ready-made hole and there is a second component of which will pass the wick and it screws onto the nozzle shows in the next step...

Step 4: Cleaning the Bulb...

Step 5: Attaching the String...

Step 6: Attaching the Nozzle to the Bulb Base...

Step 7: And Finally...

I have to make a better Base....



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    Thank you for posting. I really like the finished look of the lamp. I was wondering if you could explain the process of breaking the bottom of the bulb. THank you.


    Simple and spectacular.

    Thanks a lot...this nozzle is from what you describe my friend...!!!!

    Nice work, There's a few light bulb lamps around but that nozzle is particularly nicely done.

    You say it comes from a "Burner Motor"? I'm guessing you mean a "Stirling Engine" which uses a spirit burner as an external combustion source?

    Just broke the black glass at the bottom and hit the rest smoothly with an allen or a screwdriver....
    I will upload more pics with this step.....

    How did you remove the base from the glass globe?