I came up with this idea as i was disconnecting an old bulb in my house...

Step 1: What We Will Need...

What you will need:
- 1 old Bulb (i prefer E24 or B22)
- 1 old nozzle from burner motor
- Copper wire (for the Base)
- 25cm of wick
- Lamp Oil
- And of course a cup of Coffee...
<p>I like the nozzle, great job</p>
Thank you for posting. I really like the finished look of the lamp. I was wondering if you could explain the process of breaking the bottom of the bulb. THank you.
Simple and spectacular.
Thanks a lot...this nozzle is from what you describe my friend...!!!!
Nice work, There's a few light bulb lamps around but that nozzle is particularly nicely done. <br> <br>You say it comes from a &quot;Burner Motor&quot;? I'm guessing you mean a &quot;Stirling Engine&quot; which uses a spirit burner as an external combustion source?
Just broke the black glass at the bottom and hit the rest smoothly with an allen or a screwdriver.... <br>I will upload more pics with this step.....
How did you remove the base from the glass globe?

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