Step 8: Fire!

Picture of Fire!
Light your candle and place it below the "hot" heat sink. In a few minutes, the electric candle should light.

Adding an extra candle should speed up the amount of time it takes to glow.

If you blow out the candles, the electric candle will stay light until the heat sink cools off.

Do not leave this contraption unattended. Always have a fire extinguisher on-hand. This is probably less than ideal for normal day-to-day use.
that is a great idea,how much electricity does it generate?
paxmanmerv2 years ago
Thats real sweet!
Gotta have a go at this.
tiber2 years ago
OK this is ridiculously awesome. Not because of the YO DAWG factor but because I own a woodstove. Now I can power my fan (to blow the warm air) from the stove itself and maybe a few lights just by tossing them on the stovetop.
WailinSoul2 years ago
Very nice, maybe next time a wind powered fan?