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1.  Light the candle

2.  Surround it with 3 large mason jars or other non-flammable items that will act as the stand to hold the pots in place

3.  Set the pots upside down above the candle and...

You're Done!

It takes a few minutes before it feels warm to the touch because the inner pots heated before the outer pot will retain heat.

Keep in mind that the last thing you need in a blackout is a fire.  Make sure all materials are on a non-flammable surface.  One idea is to put all of the pieces inside a large cooking pot.

One candle will heat up pretty well.  If you can get a glass jar candle that has two or three wicks even better!

Stay warm.

inhiskeep2 years ago
When I saw this I couldn't wait to show my husband who is forever survivalist-minded. He loved it! We're going into town today and are going to pick up the few things we don't have to make this. He also suggested to put water in the jars, just in case it worked well to heat the water in the jars. This shouldn't be a problem since these are canning jars and are built to withstand heat anyway. Also, I have a woodworking table outside in our garage and general don't get to work on my stuff during the winter because it's so frigid. Looking forward to trying this in the winter season.
This is a good idea but if you want it to really act as a heater with some good heat output, be sure to put lots of metal in the inside core. For instance, when I made mine, I put a washer, a nut that was too big (so it slipped right onto the bolt without screwing - in other words, it was too big), then another washer before putting on the nut that fits the bolt. I did this same pattern between all three pots. This gives the core lots of metal that heats up to higher temperatures than the one you saw at instructables.
doo da do2 years ago
Well done
bluemoon62 years ago
What a great idea...once my daughter had no heat for days and I told her to take a soup can ..put holes in it and put a candle inside and then she could heat up soup or water for coffee or tea..she was amazed it worked..
Do you know how she put the holes in? Drilled- or punched in? I would be interested to know for another idea I'm working on! Thank you
I've been making these for a few days- a friend recommended taking a tuna tin and placing three shelled tea lights in- then add the melted wax of three more tea lights. Three wicks will be visible but you only have to light one or two. This way it burns for a LONG time. In my experience the original tea light wicks get burnt up before the actual wax does so I make my own wick holders and today made my own wick.
jeremym27 (author)  Frugal Girl1 year ago
Thanks for the invite, I just joined the Facebook group
Yeah I added you :) The more the merrier so we can share ideas so if you know others that might be interested feel free to add them.
Mom12x2 years ago
Love this - but the jars shouldn't contain dehydrated foods - they are meant to be stored in a cool area, and I'm thinking against a lighted candle would not be 'cool'!