Picture of Candle holder from Antique Crystal glasses
Materials :
1 * glass
1 * brass reduction 3/4"-1/2"

Tools : none

Other :
* Contact glue - eg. Bison or Pattex
* (optional) spray-can - silver

Tips :
* old or antique crystal glasses can easily be found on flee-markets
* the brass reduction parts can easily be found in sanitary shops or DIY markets
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Step 1: Paint the brass part with a spray can

Picture of Paint the brass part with a spray can
Tip : elevate the part onto (eg) a box, so you can paint it while keeping the spray-can upright.

Step 2: Glue Brass ring onto Glass

Picture of Glue Brass ring onto Glass
Use transparent contact glue :

apply glue onto the metal part,
join the part and the glass,
remove them,
apply extra glue on both sides,
let dry for 10..20 minutes
join parts.