Candle Holder From Upcycled Can





Introduction: Candle Holder From Upcycled Can

This is my first instructable.

I like to upcycle and recycle so I made a candle holder from a small corn can that I had.

Step 1: What You'll Need

You will need:

- one can (any size you want)

- one (whiteboard) marker

- one hammer

- one nail(or screw, or screwdriver or something sharp and made out of metal)

- paint

- brushes

- creativity

Step 2: Clean the Can

First you will need to clean the label off the can.

TIP: wash it with warm water while you scrub it with a knife or steel-wool

Step 3: Un-sharpen the Can

This is very important if you want your fingers uncut.

To do this, use the hammer(the narrow side of it) to bend the inside rim INWARDS.
Apply pressure while you bend the rim. Don't hit it with the hammer because it won't look smooth and rounded.
Have patience at this step, because I consider it very important.

After you've bent the rim, go a few times over it with the hammer while you apply pressure - not hitting! - so you make sure everything is smooth and un-sharp.

Step 4: Draw Your Pattern

In order for the candle holder to look nice and interesting, you'll have to make a pattern on it.

Using a white-board maker, draw your desired pattern on the can.

Step 5: Make the Holes

Using your nail(or screwdriver in my case) start punching the holes following your pattern(I failed at this step but it doesn't matter)

Step 6: Personalize It

Using the paint you have(or other stuff), decorate your new candle holder

Step 7: Enjoy It!

Put a candle in it, light it up and enjoy! :)



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Thank you, Penolopy! :)
I will make new instructables soon, so keep an eye around ;)