Picture of Candle Holder.
Lamps Here...Lamps There...Lamps everywhere. But had you ever thought what would be do when the darkness invade our places?
What if electricity fails ?.What if you don´t find batteries. Worst scenario ever !!!
Fortunately there is always a solution.
I like the Old style Candle Holders so I'm gonna explain how I did a simple Candle Holder.
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Step 1: Stuff.

Rusted metal sheet.
Metal sheet stripes.
Black paint.
Metal sheet scissors.
Glass vase.

Step 2: Cut,Bend, Grind and weld.

Step 3: Bright Ideas.

Picture of Bright Ideas.
There are a lot of models of candle holders.But I think this is the simplest. Anyway I´m going to try with other models.
Sooner or later the energetic crisis has to come to everywhere and when this happens..I'LL BE READY !! Are you Ready ?

I hope you like it , comment, rated and vote.
dana-dxb2 years ago
pretty and nice work ill vote for yah
Mr.Sanchez (author)  dana-dxb2 years ago
Wow...thanks.Wish me luck.
good luck then
M.C. Langer2 years ago
Le quedaron bien bonitos parce!
Mr.Sanchez (author)  M.C. Langer2 years ago
Jeje...recordando viejos oficios.Los vendía en Villa de Leyva y alla mismo...se quedaba la plata...jejejeje...ahhh tiempos.
¡Excelente trabajo! Tiene usted mi voto. ¿Como cortó el vidrio?
Mr.Sanchez (author)  blkhawk2 years ago
Gracias !! Lo encontre en un almacen de lamparas a Gas.
MHM Coleman lamp.jpg
Cool design :)
Mr.Sanchez (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
Thanks Penelopy !!!It really helps when Blackouts hit the neighbor.