A Vibrobot isn't really a robot, but it vibrates and "walks" or at least moves around.

This is a project I first saw on Maker Projects http://makeprojects.com/Project/Vibrobots/12/1

Two pliers
Needle nose pliers
Pocket knife with a second smaller blade, and an awl
Wire Stripper

Metal candy tin (such as Altoids)
Cable Ties (aka zip strips)
Electric motor with a part you can attach something to (if it's just a narrow rod sticking out that's hard to attach things to)
Two sets of: bolt, two washers, nut
2 x Jump cables (these are wire with aligator clips)
Heavy solid core copper wire (often used for by plumbers to ground your household electronics to a large pipe which goes into the ground)
2 plastic caps
2 "googly" eyes
1 x battery holder for two AA batteries

Step 1: Punching Holes

In the bottom of the candy box punch two holes, one for each pair of legs.

In the top punch
- a pair of holes where you'll attach the motor, near the edge
- one hole where the wires will run from the motor to the battery holder, near the edge
- one hole (in the middle) where you'll attach a "V" for the eyes

The battery holder will go inside the candy box. Run the wires through the hole to the top of the candy box and attach the alligator clips.

I enjoyed making this project a lot.

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