Candy Box Taser





Introduction: Candy Box Taser

Its a disposable camera taser in a candy box. small, dicreet, and as strong as those other disposable camera tasers. (good for shocking your friends(enemies))

Step 1: Your Materials

What You Need:
-Candy Box(one that can fit a battery)
-a disposable camera (FujiFilm Works Best)
-thin Wires
-Soldering Iron(along with soldering resin)
-small screws (for the shock prongs)
get all these!!

Step 2: The Circuit Board

tear the camera apart and find this(circuit board) and take it out!

Step 3: Put It Todether

im lazy so i jus drew this to demostrate what you have to do
it may be hard for some of you, but youll get it sooner or later

Step 4: Show Off

if you got it and made one good job youre smart! i made it un-understandable cuz im lazy, and to keep idiots from making them, if they wanna make one let them make a big bulky one so we cud see them coming at us with it.

once you get good you make all sorts of em and maybe sell them, one guy said he'd buy one off me for 30bucks, i paid like 8bucks at most.

check out the pics!!



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The expression "taser" keeps popping up and anybody using it should know the difference between a stun gun an a taser

It's not a stun gun either.

Well,there's only one thing connecting taser and a stun gun.High voltage.Otherwise it's difficult to find anything which they share.One fires darts with taser,which need to hit the target to have any effect,any taser is easily 3 times more expensive than any stun gun and much more expensive to "maintain".A stun gun is a device which you have to press against a target to get "the spark"going.So we're talking distance and easiness to use.It's difficult to think about homebrewed Kodak "shockers" in terms of a stungun.

taser gets more searchers :P

Hey, could you please take a clear picture of the circuit board? i dont wanna mess around and potentially shock my self


what would be a suitible plastic box for it?

what sis u use as contacts

I can't see the pic of the circuit board clearly D: