Picture of Candy Box Taser
Its a disposable camera taser in a candy box. small, dicreet, and as strong as those other disposable camera tasers. (good for shocking your friends(enemies))

Step 1: Your materials

What You Need:
-Candy Box(one that can fit a battery)
-a disposable camera (FujiFilm Works Best)
-thin Wires
-Soldering Iron(along with soldering resin)
-small screws (for the shock prongs)
get all these!!

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sunjum2 years ago
Hey, could you please take a clear picture of the circuit board? i dont wanna mess around and potentially shock my self
chewbaccaa4 years ago
does this hurt?
qwaz5 years ago
what would be a suitible plastic box for it?
RGM La Paz6 years ago
what sis u use as contacts
Gh{O}sT6 years ago
I can't see the pic of the circuit board clearly D:
hinge7 years ago
The expression "taser" keeps popping up and anybody using it should know the difference between a stun gun an a taser
so what is the difference?
Well,there's only one thing connecting taser and a stun gun.High voltage.Otherwise it's difficult to find anything which they share.One fires darts with taser,which need to hit the target to have any effect,any taser is easily 3 times more expensive than any stun gun and much more expensive to "maintain".A stun gun is a device which you have to press against a target to get "the spark"going.So we're talking distance and easiness to use.It's difficult to think about homebrewed Kodak "shockers" in terms of a stungun.
Gh{O}sT hinge6 years ago
taser gets more searchers :P
carscanpoo7 years ago
oh come on dude when i first made my tazer i shocked myself 5 different times and it didnt hurt too much. if you want a heart attack go swimming in gas then taze yourself.=)
it depends on how you touch it. i mad eone while back and zapped my forearm. nothin really. but if you touch the two contacts with one finger each from each hand, then currect travels through the chest, and any organs that might be there.
shockhappy (author)  Father Christmas7 years ago
still wont kill u, tried it!! w/ my pot-head friends it wont kill you, its the amps, it doesnt have enough
you also have to take into account any cardio-vascular problems such as those that might be prevalent in the elderly or ill
yes don't shock any one with heart problems just to be safe
THAT'S spontaneous combustion!
El Mano6 years ago
For those of us (like myself) with a very basic understanding of electronics and related items (including capacitors) what happens to the victim?
How much does it hurt, does it leave any lasting damage (I read shockhappy's comment about "taser tattoos"), are you completely positive this will not kill a person, etc. I don't want to be beaten to a pulp because I tased someone into last year.
leaves two small burn marks where the two pieces short through you. but nothing serious. Arm might be sore for 15 minutes. but it has around 500V of shock, according to mine anyway. but Volts dont Kill you, amps do. like a car battery has 12 V but over 6 Amps, and real tazers have like 900000000000000V but a small number of amps. so no need to be scared. its really cool once u make it. but make the one with the camera. looks hardcore.
the worst damage from this is two burns and a your arm, no one has ever needed CPR or been killed it's not 500volts it's 300volts at about 18milli amps.
dont car batterys have like 300-400 amps?
where did you get a switch?
shockhappy (author)  insert name here7 years ago
radio shack, for like 3 dollars for a tiny switch, or you can steal it from there its not too hard just slip it in ur pocket when no ones looking, its too easy
I hope you know that minors will read this. You are contributing to young peoples delenquincy... :)
shockhappy (author)  OfficerKarl7 years ago
my bad, Im a minor too btw :)
Who cares... isn't it just fun to shock people (and/or yourself)? :)
One time I actually shocked myself when I was testing a spark plug... ouch...
ouch 6k going through you
my finger slipped and I touched the metal, but the dumb part was when I did it again... talk about oops...
so what , anybody knows that if you take something and put it in your pocket without paying for it is called " stealing"
Still, telling people that it's easy isn't a great way of reinforcing their anti-crime values.
But some people need something to initiate it, like, oh I dunno, a website... I really don't want to argue about anything relating to human psychology because it never makes sense :(.
Are you an advocate for theft? That's not very bright.
I know. No one is EVER in there.
you are correct, it's funny thats i understand this and im 14
ima try a mouse switch, reeeealy sensitive....more evilnessishyness!
limpach6 years ago
Oh that is brilliant! A device designed to shock with an electric current, so you house it in an altoids tin.
hey hey hey. it really is brilliant, i did it a while ago lol
nf1197 years ago
More instructions are need especially due to the hazards in the step(s) or the product(s) of this instructable. For your legal safety and the safety of others please include the following: 1) A clear warning of the high voltage hazard 2) A clear warning of the medical dangers Note: I believe that it is extremely dangerous for you to leave the capacitor in the circuit. The flash capacitor are made to rapidly release their charge and the amperage they can output + their voltage rating have a extremely high possibility of causing heart failure as well as many other harms. The device will still produce quite a shock if used without the capacitor.
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