Picture of Candy Bracelets
Last year I had a TON of sweetart candy leftover, so I thought I would try using them to make candy bracelets and give them to the kids for Christmas.

Step 1: Grab A Bunch Of Sweetart Candies

Picture of Grab A Bunch Of Sweetart Candies
The first step is to gather your Sweetarts and unwrap them into a bowl.  I used regular size and larger ones.
Here's what else you'll need:
Drill with small bit
Elastic thread or elastic from party hats
Paper clip
gralan1 year ago
That's so great. I have not thought of candy on a string in a long time. Back in the 60s, living in LA area, we sometimes caught the train to go to Long Beach and I remember getting candy-necklaces. Wow, what a great idea for the sweettarts.
Pegsgottado (author)  gralan1 year ago
Thank you.