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Easy, Cheap, festive candy cane holder

Items needed:
1 candle
4 candy cane
hot glue
Gift bows, Craft flowers, etc....

Step 1:

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Add hot glue to one of the candy canes quickly add it to the candle. Press and hold! Make sure the candy canes are upside down!

Repeat with the rest of the candy canes.
Bodie20304 years ago
That is awesome!
BobbySaka (author)  Bodie20304 years ago
LOL Thanks
Do you keep the candy canes in the wrappers?
BobbySaka (author)  kendraonfire4 years ago
Yes I keep the candy cane in the wrappers
ChrysN6 years ago
How pretty, that would look great on the table during Christmas dinner.
BobbySaka (author)  ChrysN6 years ago
Yeah! It would look nice on the dinner table for Christmas! Thanks for the comment ;D