Candy Cane Chocolate Heart Pops!

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Here's a Christmas treat that was actually pretty fast.
Candy Cane Chocolate Heart Pops!

About 20 minutes, and fun to do with slightly older kids!
(my assistant was 8)

Also makes a great gift for neighbors!

Step 1: You will need...

Picture of You will need...
Mini candy canes!
(I got a box of 30 at the dollar store)

Sucker sticks...mine are 8"
(4" would have been fine, but I was all out!)

Baking sheet

Chocolate chips or melting chocolate

Plastic bags to fit suckers when done
Twine or twist tie to secure it
GummiBear2 years ago
I love this idea! These pops and the plastic toy necklaces i saw on your website (the eye screws and the MLP) will make great gifts for all of my friends!
Very cute idea and very festive! I like the idea of adapting them for Valentine's Day too!