Candy Cane Chocolate Popcorn Crunch

Picture of Candy Cane Chocolate Popcorn Crunch
Highly addictive and Easy to make. White chocolate and mint candy covered popcorn..

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Picture of Gather Supplies
26 Cups of popped popcorn ( About 2 cups of un-popped kernels )
3 Cups of white chocolate melting wafers
2/3 cup of crushed candy canes (Any flavor)
A small amount of oil
Tin Foil
Larger belt ( you'll need this later )
turbobug3 years ago
This is the Valentine's version pink chocolate melts and cinnamon hearts.
ItsYourDime5 years ago
PERFECT! I have a ton of candy canes and white chocolate left over from Christmas. I am very glad I stumbled onto this!
I just made this. Soooo good! Glad this old  ible got dug back up for me to stumble on!
Rob K5 years ago
I just tried making it a few hours ago. White chocolate turned into a dried out mush but I was able to salvage it canolia oil. Even messing it up, it still tastes great. The chocolate is a little soft though.
qwaz5 years ago
Just made it...
fozzy135 years ago
Hey, you'll never believe this but I've been taking pictures for a multi-flavored holiday popcorn ible for a couple weeks.. you totally stole my idea!! : )
canida fozzy135 years ago
There's no such thing as too many flavored holiday popcorn Instructables!  Post yours too, and link to this one.
fozzy13 canida5 years ago
I suppose that's true. I just don't really have the time right now to make up all my flavors to take pictures for it : /.. Besides the featured instructables always win the contests, so there's almost no point..
canida fozzy135 years ago
There's always time!  And this Instructable is a year old, so not in this year's competition. And why not take great pictures and get yourself featured?

Good luck. ;)
Kaiven5 years ago
That looks yummy.
10 for originlity but
i thought when you put together awesome foos it ends up bad (pizza and ice cream)
AHH! but you are forgetting Pizza and burgers (the burger pizza and the pizza Burger

PIzza and Taco (taco Pizza)

and my own little discovery Burger and Taco (the burger taco) i plain to post an ible of it once i get the kinks in the recipe worked out
 I've made burger burritos that were pretty delicious.
canida5 years ago
Wow, this sounds excellent!
Perhaps I'll make it for a holiday party - safer than having it around the house. ;)
That... looks... incredible. I might use a mix of white and mint chocolate, maybe make a neat swirly effect. Yum.