Step 2: Crush the Candy Canes

Crush the canes I found a food processor powdered them , so I used a plastic bag and rolling pin and after a few good whacks it was a nice size..
This is the Valentine's version pink chocolate melts and cinnamon hearts.
PERFECT! I have a ton of candy canes and white chocolate left over from Christmas. I am very glad I stumbled onto this!
I just made this. Soooo good! Glad this old&nbsp; ible got dug back up for me to stumble on!<br />
I just tried making it a few hours ago. White chocolate turned into a dried out mush but I was able to salvage it canolia oil. Even messing it up, it still tastes great. The chocolate is a little soft though. <br />
Just made it...<br /> BEST POPCORN EVER
Hey, you'll never believe this but I've been taking pictures for a multi-flavored holiday popcorn ible for a couple weeks.. you totally stole my idea!! :&nbsp;)
There's no such thing as too many flavored holiday popcorn Instructables!&nbsp; Post yours too, and link to this one.<br />
I&nbsp;suppose that's true. I just don't really have the time right now to make up all my flavors to take pictures for it :&nbsp;/.. Besides the featured instructables always win the contests, so there's almost no point..
There's always time!&nbsp; And this Instructable is a year old, so not in this year's competition. And why not take great pictures and get yourself featured?<br /> <br /> Good luck. ;)<br />
That looks yummy.<br />
10 for originlity but<br /> i thought when you put together awesome foos it ends up bad (pizza and ice cream)
AHH! but you are forgetting Pizza and burgers (the burger pizza and the pizza Burger<br /> <br /> PIzza and Taco (taco Pizza)<br /> <br /> and my own little discovery Burger and Taco (the burger taco) i plain to post an ible of it once i get the kinks in the recipe worked out<br />
&nbsp;I've made burger burritos that were pretty delicious.
Wow, this sounds excellent!<br /> Perhaps I'll make it for a holiday party - safer than having it around the house. ;)<br />
That... looks... incredible. I might use a mix of white and mint chocolate, maybe make a neat swirly effect. Yum.

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