Picture of Candy Cane DIY Ornament
I decided to do a few ornament Do-It-Yourself pieces to spread the holiday fun. Most of the projects I will be show casing here this week are all kid friendly! Since 90% of our family's original ornaments were made by us kids I know first hand how fun making them can be (I even had fun recreating them here!) and they promise to make for a great family project.

First up on my Ornament DIY Week is the Candy Cane! This is a super simple concept and extremely cheap. You can probably even get all the supplies you need at the Dollar Store. Nearly every craft store carries the supplies, even Walmart.

1. Pipe Cleaners
2. Triangle Beads
3. Scissors
4. Lace (1/2 in wide, with eyelets-aka holes in the center part)
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Step 1:

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Step One:
Cut your pipe cleaner to about 5 1/2 inches long. You can go longer if you want a larger cane, but 5 1/2 is the smallest I would recommend with the size of the beads. Anything smaller doesn’t look right.

Step 2:

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Step Two:
Slide your bead onto the pipe cleaner. Keep it near the top as you will be working here and pushing down as you go along. If you push it down each time you will have a hard time weaving the lace onto the pipe cleaner. Weave your lace on. There are several ways you can do this. For a thicker lace look, weave two eyelets onto the pipe cleaner between beads. For a more even look, weave back and forth between each eyelet.

Step 3:

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Step Three:
Continue weaving beads and lace onto the pipe cleaner, pushing down a little as needed, till the pipe cleaner is nearly covered end to end.
robj981688 months ago

I am so gonna do this! Thanks for sharing!

That is adorable! I can't remember the last time I used one of those triangle beads!
Thanks! Yeah same here! This was the first time I was using them in years.