Candy Cat


Introduction: Candy Cat

This project/pattern of my own design started out as a tiny stuffed toy for my daughter's chihuahua and evolved into a little bit of folk art. The version you see here uses feltable wool yarn and size 8 to 9 US knitting needles. The cat fur pattern was needle felted using bits of yarn for a pet-able texture. A surprising feature are the whiskers made with stainless steel and silk yarn from Habu Textiles. They really hold their shape.



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    Those eyes are great. What did you use? If they are buttons, what kind?

    He's a cutie! How did the chihuahua do with the stainless steel whiskers?

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    Mortimer the Chihuahua does not get to play with this particular cat! None of his own cats have whiskers nor are they needle felted. Whiskers may be a good idea for future toys...built in dental floss! As far as dog toys go, these cats are nearly indestructible. I found a package of replacement squeakers and tucked one into a cat before felting......he just loves it.

    I love home made toys and this one is a keeper.

    Adorable! Love the eyes!

    Very cute, and nice work. You should sell these online! I bet they would sell really well!

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    I did have an offer to buy him, but I wasn't ready to let him go at the time. I really don't know how to sell things online very well. It puzzles me. I had an ETSY store once, but I felt that I had to make things in volume to do well there. These guys are Individuals and one of a kind, man!

    Thanks for your comment. Hey, that gives me an idea. I'm going to check for an Instructable on how to sell things online!

    That's very cute, it looks like that one Pokemon.. I can't remember the name. Great job, I love it!

    That is so cute! I love the back.