Step 5: Cutting and Finishing

Picture of Cutting and Finishing
Smooth the ropes together by pressing lightly to join them together. 

Start cutting the ropes into cand-corn sized pieces with a medium, non-serrated knife.
Every other piece will have a white tip. If you want them all to have white tips, experiment with a bull's eye formation for cutting (small circle of white, surrounded by ropes of orange and yellow).
Keep cutting until you have only candy corn. By the time this step is halfway done, your hands will probably be a bit stiff. Take a break and eat some candy.
dfuller13 years ago
I made these over the weekend and they are great! Thanks! I used unsalted butter and "No Salt" instead of salt, since I am on a very low sodium diet. Next time I am making a double batch, since these don't last long.
One suggestion: use a pizza wheel instead of a knife to cut them up. It goes a lot faster and is easier on the hands.
Great instructable! Thanks again.
Geek07Boy3 years ago