Picture of Candy Covered Iced Mocha Frappé
This is a DELICIOUS frozen drink, I might even say It's my favorite! The wonderful blend of coffee and chocolate is unmatched in any other form. Don't forget to check the last step for alternate recipes/add ins.

BTW Sorry for the bad pictures. Camera wasn't happy :)
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Step 1: Ingredients/Prep

Picture of Ingredients/Prep
Milk Cubes.JPG
This here is the BASE recipe. It is the starting point of the journey to the center of the Mocha Frappé. While it is delicious on it's own, there is a list of suggestions on the last page. 

The Base Recipe is:
2 Cups          Milk (2% works best)
2 tbsp            Instant Coffee (Decaf or Regular)
1/3 Cup         Chocolate Syrup (Hershey's is best!)
4 (or so)        Ice Cubes
2                     Any crushable candy bar (Crunchy works best) (I prefer Kit-Kat)

The Night Before:
          Make Ice Cubes
          Take 3/4 cups of the milk and put it into an ice cube tray. Freeze overnight.
          Crush up candy bars and freeze.

The next day...

Step 2: BLEND!

Picture of BLEND!
Instant Coffee.JPG
Start with the 1 1/4 cup of milk not used for the milk cubes.
1. Pour that into a blender along with the Chocolate Syrup.
2. Blend quickly on a low speed into chocolate milk.
3. Add the instant coffee to the still-mixing blender. Tun the blender on high.
4. One by one, add the Ice and Milk Cubes. Wait until it is smooth before adding the next cube.

Step 3: Garnish

Picture of Garnish
syrup (2).JPG
Pour the mocha frappé into four glasses. 
Top with the frozen candy.
Drizzle Chocolate Syrup around the top of the glass.