Picture of Candy Flower Bouquet
Candy flower bouquet is very unique gift.
u can personalize it. and it is very simple to make.

for making it you need
paper for making petals (i used crape paper)
velvet paper
thermocol and cutter
bow / pot / basket
wire and wire cutter
green ribbon
green tape
thread spool
colored tape (optional)

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Step 1: Making candy flowers

cut wire so as you get desired height of flowers.
now cut paper petals considering the size of central candy
you can cut any shape.
using thread spool attach candy to the wire
attach petals ( wrap a petal around candy and wrap the thread to the wire thus binding petal to the wire)
attach desired no. of petals
tie a knot and cut the extra thread
now wrap a green tape on the wire
candy flower is ready
make desired amount of flowers

Step 2: Making bouquet base

Picture of Making bouquet base
using bowl/ basket as a guide draw a shape (bowl's mouth/face) on thermocol
cut thermocol using cutter
wrap velvet paper on thermocol
put velvet wrapped thermocol in the bowl/ basket
your bouquet base is ready

Step 3: Additional componets (fillers)

Picture of Additional componets (fillers)
cut green ribbon in diamond (cards) shape
take opposite sides of diamond shaped ribbon together and tie it using thread
now take a wire piece and attach a candy and ribbon leaves so formed using thread
wrap green tape on the wire

Step 4: Additional components / fillers

Picture of Additional components / fillers
bend wire into desired shape like heart and wrap a colored tape around it

Step 5: Extra candy

Picture of Extra candy
wrap some golden wire around some candy bars

Step 6: Arranging bouquet

Picture of Arranging bouquet
now add all components, flowers to the bouquet base
finally candy flower bouquet is ready

Cindy021 year ago
dinkysun1 year ago

So cute! Would be perfect for Valentines. :D