Step 9: What I would change

Picture of What I would change
There would be a few things I will be changing next year. Both from lessons learned and things I did not have time to implement.

User smaller fans: I would like to use smaller fans to start with.

Build a hopper: I want to be able to remotely release candy into the pumpkin so that I can have it be more of a robot pumpkin.

Add motion detectors: I would like the pumpkin to automatically detect people and shoot the candy at them. Using open CV or something of the sort.

Install a webcam: If I am already using a camera for targeting I would want to be able to stream the pumpkin as it shoots candy at kids.

Pivoting action on one fan: When you pivot one of the fan it changes the direction the candy moves out. adding a controllable pivot would allow shooting candy in a targeted way.