Someone stealing your candy? Keep it safe from greedy hands with this color recognition lock and dispenser. Using a set of 5 distinct color images, you’ll be able to set up a pattern that will activate and dispense candy. In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the Intel® Edison and a webcam for color recognition. After assembling the electronics and housing, you’ll train the color recognition software using the image cards.

Here is a video of the completed project.

This tutorial was originally published on Intel Communities here.

Step 1: Before You Start

Before you begin, make sure you’ve followed through Intel® Edison Getting Started guide, and our tutorial, the Intel® Edison mini-breakout Getting Started Guide. This means that your Intel® Edison:

  1. has updated firmware
  2. is connected to the local wireless network
  3. can connect to ssh/scp through microUSB or WiFi
<p>I know right?</p>
do u have a laser cutter
looks like you are very good at designing and laser cutting parts... need your help in a very important project... please let me know how should i contact you...
btw nice instructables
<p>I did it! Thanks!</p>

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