It may look like you're eating your greens, but this salad is completely composed of candy. Melted and molded green candy melts are responsible for the surprisingly realistic "lettuce"; red cookies and pound cake compose the tomatoes and croutons, respectively. A sweet trompe l'oeil!

By CakeSpy.

Step 1: Assemble Your Ingredients.

You'll need:

  • Green candy melts
  • red candies or cookies (for tomatoes)
  • Cubes of pound cake, toasted or fried (for "croutons")
  • heavy duty plastic wrap
  • spatula or spoon, for spreading

Step 2: Make the "lettuce"

Melt the candy melts, either in a double boiler or in the microwave. The next several steps are illustrated in the above photo.

Step 3: Pour and Shape the Candy

Spread out a long sheet of plastic wrap (12 inches long or so). On one half of the plastic wrap, spread a 1/3 inch thick layer of the melted confection.

Fold the unused portion of the plastic wrap over the candy, and smooth down to a desired thickness (not too thin or it will break!).

Wrinkle the still-warm candy gently with your fingers, to give little wrinkles and ripples like on lettuce leaves. Let cool for 20-30 minutes or until solid.

Step 4: Uncover, Garnish, Enjoy.

Gently uncover. Pieces may break off at the ends, but this is ok--lettuce is abnormally shaped after all!

Garnish with red cookies or candies and "croutons" made of pound cake.

<p>It looks very realistic!</p>
<p>You do have to do a double take, don't you!</p>
<p>That's pretty clever! Nice job!</p>
This is pretty &quot;sweet!&quot; Ha! See what I did there? ...well seriously great job and I will definitely try this! Thanks for sharing!
Haha! Thank you!

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