Hello everyone! Today I'm going to teach you all a simple Friendship Bracelet pattern. Here's what you'll need.

•Embroidery Floss or Thin Yarn
•Paper Clamp or Clipboard
•Book (not needed if you choose to use a clipboard)

Step 1: Starting

Choose as many colors and as many strands as you like (I recommend 3+).
The more strands the thicker your bracelet will be. (Mine has 8 Strands)
To figure out the length of your strands I suggest wrapping a strand around your wrist 3 times.
After you have cut and measured all your strands, tie a knot leaving a 1/2 inch so you can tie it in the end.
<p>Awesome I LOVE IT!!! </p>
<p>Nice project, thanks for sharing!</p>

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