Original tutorial @: http://mommyknows.com/birthday-party-candy-sushi/

Candy Sushi is a HUGE hit at our house. It's easy to make.

Step 1: Ingredients Needed

6 cups Rice Krispies® cereal
3 T butter
48 large marshmallows

1 box of Fruit Roll Ups
gummy worms
Swedish Fish

Original tutorial @: http://mommyknows.com/birthday-party-candy-sushi/

Very nice. Certainly would be a fun birthday party treat. Thanks for posting.
Been experimenting as I want to make some of these a a gift for a sushi loving friend at Christmas but... <br> <br>I'm struggling with my candy sushi - my marshmallow krispie cake is too sticky and unworkable. Followed your recipe to the letter (could be UK marshmallows are different from US marshmallows). Thinking white chocolate might be better. <br> <br>Also what size are your fruit rollups? Here in the UK they're quite narrow (about 1/2 cm) so you need to have a load side by side, which leaves gaps that look rubbish. Are US ones wider and easier to use? (I can mail order some if they are) or would I be better looking for an alternative. <br> <br>On the plus side - candy foam prawns (not sure they're available in the US) look fabulous on top of &quot;nigiri&quot;. <br> <br>I'll keep working on it though. Fab instructable.
what do you mean by &quot;T&quot;??
T = Tablespoon<br /> t = teaspoon<br /> <br /> :)<br />
a good chef knows their symbols. =)
Be nice! That was uncalled for.
I didn't find it rude, rather complementing and as a tip. It *is* a good idea to know the symbols.
that's what i'm saying.
ok. I didn't mean it to be rude, I just wanted to say it as a positive for people. Maybe I should've re-worded it...
did you know a guy did the same thing in 06' same instructable... hmm not saying you copied him but just saying there is one out there.
SPIKE CAFFEIN YES //.o X(♫ S&sub;R&exist;AM◯♫ )X
this is fantastic! great for kids or adult parties! ooohh you could add a White Chocolate drizzle colored with food coloring to look like hot sauce, and have a nougat substance colored green to look like wasabi!<br><br>Great Pics!
This is such a great idea. I'm going to try these this weekend.
Now your views are 15,000 exact ! Nice photo , high quality .
Love this!!! Great idea!
Genius!<br />
can you replace licorice with something else?
XD this looks yummy! about a month ago me and my friends had an idea to make desert sushi marshmallows being the rice M&amp;M's or skittles in the middle and fruit by the foot being the seaweed =] <br />
@jacksteal4 --&gt; my kids would love that, they're crazy about marshmallows.<br />
&nbsp;Hah! &nbsp;Excellent job, they really do look sushi-like! &nbsp;And I love the fish-gummi on the nigiri xD&nbsp;<br /> I'll have to make this some time, to surprise my roommates (who have been converted to sushi since meeting me :) )<br />
@Groxx --&gt; Thank you!<br />
&nbsp;They were a hit!! Everyone loved them, we only had a few left to bring home and I had one a few minutes ago.
Yeah, great to hear! Thank you for letting me know.<br />
&nbsp;Thank you for the instructable, my wife made some for us to take to a&nbsp;Halloween&nbsp;party tonight!!
What a GREAT&nbsp;idea!&nbsp; My daughter had a karate birthday party, so I&nbsp;made chinese take out boxes for the party favors.&nbsp; Cream colored shredded paper to put in the bottom (lomein noodles); two pencils in a paper sleeve&nbsp;(chopsticks);&nbsp; small activity pads rolled in craft paper (egg rolls); cady orange slices (mandarin oranges); fortune cookie - well for obvious reasons. =)&nbsp; Was looking for some way to include sushi, but could never figure it out.&nbsp; And this&nbsp;would have been so easy.&nbsp; Thanks for the idea!!
@blueyedaddy -- that is so creative! I might have to borrow this idea! Thanks for taking the time to comment.<br />
@mommyknows1 - feel free to plagerize.&nbsp; =)
Great idea... thanks for sharing!!!<br />
@ChalleN75 - thank you! <br />
You can actually make a high-end restaurant-grade dessert sushi using chocolate plastique (corn syrup and melted chocolate) which you roll out using cocoa powder and a rolling pin. For the filling you make a really thick rice pudding using aromatic jasmine rice and coconut milk, and then put sliced mango, strawberry, and kiwi in as the fillings. Roll it up with a sushi mat and voila, chocolate sushi. <br /> Hm...maybe I should post this as an Instructable...<br />
@{tauney} -- these sound fabulous! I will be waiting for the tutorial too.<br />
yes please!&nbsp; that would be a great thing to bring to a potluck for dessert!&nbsp; thanks for considering posting your instructable...<br />
You really should. You just made me very hungry. :)<br />
Me too haha
I love this idea! So easy and colorful.<br />
My kids would love this! Awesome!
@diaperhyena -- thank you! My kids really enjoyed making these.<br />
forget the kids, i'm going to serve this at my adult halloween party!! what a clever idea, i love it!!
@Doggie Stylish -- Thank you! Make sure to take photos, I'd love to see how they turn out.<br />
fantastic :D<br />
@insomniaSAH<br /> <br /> Thank you so much!<br />

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