Candy Sushi - A Great Birthday Party Activity & Treat

Picture of Candy Sushi - A Great Birthday Party Activity & Treat
Original tutorial @: http://mommyknows.com/birthday-party-candy-sushi/

Candy Sushi is a HUGE hit at our house. It's easy to make.

Step 1: Ingredients Needed

Picture of Ingredients Needed
6 cups Rice Krispies® cereal
3 T butter
48 large marshmallows

1 box of Fruit Roll Ups
gummy worms
Swedish Fish

Original tutorial @: http://mommyknows.com/birthday-party-candy-sushi/

bob30301 year ago
Very nice. Certainly would be a fun birthday party treat. Thanks for posting.
Been experimenting as I want to make some of these a a gift for a sushi loving friend at Christmas but...

I'm struggling with my candy sushi - my marshmallow krispie cake is too sticky and unworkable. Followed your recipe to the letter (could be UK marshmallows are different from US marshmallows). Thinking white chocolate might be better.

Also what size are your fruit rollups? Here in the UK they're quite narrow (about 1/2 cm) so you need to have a load side by side, which leaves gaps that look rubbish. Are US ones wider and easier to use? (I can mail order some if they are) or would I be better looking for an alternative.

On the plus side - candy foam prawns (not sure they're available in the US) look fabulous on top of "nigiri".

I'll keep working on it though. Fab instructable.
melynia5 years ago
what do you mean by "T"??
mommyknows1 (author)  melynia5 years ago
T = Tablespoon
t = teaspoon

a good chef knows their symbols. =)
Be nice! That was uncalled for.
I didn't find it rude, rather complementing and as a tip. It *is* a good idea to know the symbols.
that's what i'm saying.
ok. I didn't mean it to be rude, I just wanted to say it as a positive for people. Maybe I should've re-worded it...
anibioman4 years ago
did you know a guy did the same thing in 06' same instructable... hmm not saying you copied him but just saying there is one out there.
Screamo4 years ago
this is fantastic! great for kids or adult parties! ooohh you could add a White Chocolate drizzle colored with food coloring to look like hot sauce, and have a nougat substance colored green to look like wasabi!

Great Pics!
This is such a great idea. I'm going to try these this weekend.
farzadbayan5 years ago
Now your views are 15,000 exact ! Nice photo , high quality .
1Petitchou5 years ago
Love this!!! Great idea!
nananess5 years ago
carpfluff5 years ago
can you replace licorice with something else?
jacksteal45 years ago
XD this looks yummy! about a month ago me and my friends had an idea to make desert sushi marshmallows being the rice M&M's or skittles in the middle and fruit by the foot being the seaweed =]
mommyknows1 (author)  jacksteal45 years ago
@jacksteal4 --> my kids would love that, they're crazy about marshmallows.
Groxx5 years ago
 Hah!  Excellent job, they really do look sushi-like!  And I love the fish-gummi on the nigiri xD 
I'll have to make this some time, to surprise my roommates (who have been converted to sushi since meeting me :) )
mommyknows1 (author)  Groxx5 years ago
@Groxx --> Thank you!
dalec5 years ago
 They were a hit!! Everyone loved them, we only had a few left to bring home and I had one a few minutes ago.
mommyknows1 (author)  dalec5 years ago
Yeah, great to hear! Thank you for letting me know.
dalec5 years ago
 Thank you for the instructable, my wife made some for us to take to a Halloween party tonight!!
blueyedaddy5 years ago
What a GREAT idea!  My daughter had a karate birthday party, so I made chinese take out boxes for the party favors.  Cream colored shredded paper to put in the bottom (lomein noodles); two pencils in a paper sleeve (chopsticks);  small activity pads rolled in craft paper (egg rolls); cady orange slices (mandarin oranges); fortune cookie - well for obvious reasons. =)  Was looking for some way to include sushi, but could never figure it out.  And this would have been so easy.  Thanks for the idea!!
Moriah's 10th Birthday 3.jpgMoriah's 10th Birthday 2.jpg
mommyknows1 (author)  blueyedaddy5 years ago
@blueyedaddy -- that is so creative! I might have to borrow this idea! Thanks for taking the time to comment.
@mommyknows1 - feel free to plagerize.  =)
ChalleN755 years ago
Great idea... thanks for sharing!!!
mommyknows1 (author)  ChalleN755 years ago
@ChalleN75 - thank you!
{tauney}5 years ago
You can actually make a high-end restaurant-grade dessert sushi using chocolate plastique (corn syrup and melted chocolate) which you roll out using cocoa powder and a rolling pin. For the filling you make a really thick rice pudding using aromatic jasmine rice and coconut milk, and then put sliced mango, strawberry, and kiwi in as the fillings. Roll it up with a sushi mat and voila, chocolate sushi.
Hm...maybe I should post this as an Instructable...
mommyknows1 (author)  {tauney}5 years ago
@{tauney} -- these sound fabulous! I will be waiting for the tutorial too.
yes please!  that would be a great thing to bring to a potluck for dessert!  thanks for considering posting your instructable...
H3xx {tauney}5 years ago
You really should. You just made me very hungry. :)
Kaiven H3xx5 years ago
Me too haha
jimcdt5 years ago
I love this idea! So easy and colorful.
diaperhyena5 years ago
My kids would love this! Awesome!
mommyknows1 (author)  diaperhyena5 years ago
@diaperhyena -- thank you! My kids really enjoyed making these.
forget the kids, i'm going to serve this at my adult halloween party!! what a clever idea, i love it!!
mommyknows1 (author)  Doggie Stylish5 years ago
@Doggie Stylish -- Thank you! Make sure to take photos, I'd love to see how they turn out.
insomniaSAH5 years ago
fantastic :D
mommyknows1 (author)  insomniaSAH5 years ago

Thank you so much!