Picture of Candy Sushi
Here are a set of instructions for making a particular kind of Candy Sushi. I've seen other versions that use hostess products (think twinkie) floating around on the internet. Since I can't stand that sort of food (and I want to be able to eat my creation) I came up with this rice-cereal-and-candy version.

Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
Things You Will Need:

Puffed Rice Cereal (ie. Rice Krispies)
(I'm sure the store brand will work fine.)

(One 1 lb bag of marshmallows should be more than enough.)

(I bought a pound of butter but didn't use anywhere near that much. You're going to be using the basic rice cereal treat recipe that can be found on marshmallow bags. Go with whatever that recipe asks for.)

Flat "Rollup" Candy (ie. Fruit Roll-Ups)
(Again, store brand is probably a-ok. At first I tried really hard to find roll-ups that were just green, so that they looked the most like real sushi. This turned out to be a lot harder than I thought it would be, so I ended up using lots of different colors. In the end, I was really happy with the rainbow of sushi I ended up with, because it emphasized the fact that these were candy while still looking a lot like sushi. You may want to be more realistic than me.)

Gummi Worms, Fruits, & Fish
(I tried several kinds of gummi candies for this. Haribo's Clown Fish worked the best, sticking to everything really well. Oversized Swedish Fish didn't work so well. Gummi worms worked well for the insides of the maki. In the future I hope to make more outrageous candy sushi featuring gummy octopi, squid, and other strange gummy candies. Haribo is really good for this.)

Note: no cat necessary for this project.
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CotR made it!1 year ago

I made this, and had some comments I wanted to share on it:

My friends and I didn't like the taste that the gummy worms gave to the sushi, so I tried with two types of twizzlers. regular twizzlers tasted even grosser, but I found some fruit-flavored twizzlers that went very nice with the taste of the fruit-by-the-foot that I used for the wrapping. I think it's best to experiment until you find a combination of flavors that works well for you.

Despite that, these were very fun to make, and I thoroughly enjoyed making them. they're not too expensive and don't take too much work, and you can be as creative as you want, so long as you can think of and find new things to put in them, so thanks for your instructable! (Picture attached is the first batch I made with the gummy worms, after they had been sampled a bit :p )

this is perfect!!!!!!!!! I love this it even tasts soooooooooooo. gooood. I am using this for my friends birthdays
eaolsen3 years ago
Great Idea- I'm going to try it for sure!
cx420ns6 years ago
this is such a good idea! rice krispie onigiri would be the next logical step =]
I hadn't thought about rice crispie onigiris.... I'll 'ible it if they come out looking good.
That would be really cool
Pizzapie5004 years ago
Woot! We did this at school a few weeks ago (last week?)! It was cool, but we were only allowed to eat 2 =(
JustDaveN4 years ago
This is cool, I have been doing it for years, and there are some easy variations.

1. I have used pre-made Rice crispy treats when in a rush
2. With the premade ones, the chocolate ones can be used for something special
3. Use sour worms and wraps for folks who like sweet and sour
4. licorice strands work too, including chocolate and strawberry ones for the chocolate rice crispies...

anibioman4 years ago
this is awesome im going to make it for my friend who loves sushi and sugar
miseleigh6 years ago
That's awesome. I'd to serve them with Pocky 'chopsticks' and maybe a lightweight brown frosting 'soy sauce' :) Candied ginger instead of pickled ginger?
the pocky thing is genius, but if u live in usa i would recommend cereal straws, like fruit loops and cocoa pebbles
i live in FL, and they have pocky in Wal- Mart. delicious.
well, i generally live in the middle of nowhere, iowa, and the nearest place to buy pocky is maybe 2 and a half hours away.
I am sorry for you. Pocky should be available everywhere. It needs to be.
You can find Pocky just as easily in the USA; I bought it at the Wal-Mart nearby all the time. In Ohio :D  But the different flavors of cereal straws could be interesting, as well....
Candied sweet ginger would be good, or for the girly touch use ginger flowers, dandelion flowers, chrysanthemums.                                        http://whatscookingamerica.net/EdibleFlowers/EdibleFlowersMain.htm
or use some of these. Im 15 and i want to be a chef and i regular use flowers and herb flower in cooking to explore different areas, just follow common sense and garnish with flair.
Rubber Duck6 years ago
Those look good! I have never had real sushi, I'm not a fish fan, but CANDY sushi, thats another story 'nom nom'!
I'm allergic to fish. And yes, candy sushi is THE BOMB!
I too am (or was) not a fish fan but sushi is the name of the rice and it's perfectly acceptable to have sushi with no fish in. Which is how I came to try it and find that, bizarrely, I love the fish stuff as well. Give sushi a try - you may never like the fish stuff but there's plenty of other stuff (my local supermarket does a little sushi snack pack for £1 that uses tuna on some and peppers in others and I have to say the red and green pepper sushi wrapped in nori is one of my favourites).
real sushi is good... i like summer rolls
sparkplugs5 years ago
I would recommend rubbing your hands with butter, it works VERY well for keeping the rice treast off your hands

good instructable btw
arsyparsy5 years ago
yummy!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Eww, xD haha.
cplaine6 years ago
I have a friend who is a sushi freak, it's his favorite food. Now I can make him a new favorite dessert!
I would suggest using margarine instead of butter when making the rice krispie-mix.
margarine doesn't brown as fast as butter, so you don't wind up with caramel-colored crispy rice filling. However, buy "hard" margarine, not the soft stuff, or your filling won't set properly
I don't really use margarine for anything.
th31stacc6 years ago
it might be good with an inside out sushi roll with the fruit roll up in the middle or if you like sour...
theRIAA8 years ago
i dont think i could make those... i would run out of candy in step 3
Sylkhr theRIAA6 years ago
I'd run out in step 1..........
kleighj16 years ago
These are amazing! I've made them for family and got rave reviews. One suggestion though, try using "Fruit-by-the-Foot." It works wonderfully. They are the perfect width and it eliminates the cutting.
baneat6 years ago
OMG dericious!
LemonLily6 years ago
Wow! This is really creative! Thank you for sharing. Although I don't have the energy to clean up everything.
SoapyHollow6 years ago
So very fabulous!
thank you soooo much i have a project for my friends andi have to make candy sushi for them soo thank u soooooooooooooo much it helped me alot. :)
woofboy1116 years ago
I went on a cruise on the Carnival Sensation last Summer. One day on one of the buffets, the featured dessert was sushi. They used both white and brown rice to make shaped rice cakes (what's the proper term?). Some of the rice had shapes stenciled on with melted chocolate, and were served just like that. Others were topped with fruit. The combinations that were good (and I took pictures of to remember) were rice topped with chocolate, watermelon, mint, and blackberries. Also brown rice topped with mangos, mint, strawberries, and blueberries, all topped with powdered sugar.

I have a picture up of the fruit sushi down towards the bottom of the page HERE.

I really have considered attempting to make dessert fruit sushi, but I always decide that it's just too fussy and too much work. One day I might...
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