Step 4: Decorating Maki

Picture of Decorating Maki
After you've finished decorating all the individual pieces, it's time to move onto the maki rolls. (I recommend doing these after the pieces because it gives the rolls time to firm up in the fridge.)

Lay out more fruit roll-up sheets. Cut each sheet into approximately 1 inch sections.

Take a single roll out of the fridge. Slice into about 1 inch sections with a knife (I found serrated worked best).

Wrap the fruit roll-up around the maki pieces, making sure to press it into the rice cereal so that it sticks well.

You may want to straighten the ends of the rolls by chopping off the excess.
sparkplugs5 years ago
cplaine6 years ago
I have a friend who is a sushi freak, it's his favorite food. Now I can make him a new favorite dessert!
LemonLily6 years ago
Wow! This is really creative! Thank you for sharing. Although I don't have the energy to clean up everything.
thank you soooo much i have a project for my friends andi have to make candy sushi for them soo thank u soooooooooooooo much it helped me alot. :)
you are like my new best friend for not only coming up with this recipe but being nice enough to take the time to put it up on this website :)