Picture of Candy Tossin Coffin

When you flip a switch, the coffin lid opens and a smiling red eyed ghost arises. The ghost flings some candy, pushes the switch back and returns to rest. Then, the coffin lid closes.

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Step 1:

Picture of
Major parts include:

4.5 rpm motor  #155821
1.8 rpm motor  #176050
Two shaft couplers  #162270
Servo motor #358635
Arduino microcontroller  #2121105
Four limit switches  #275-0016 Radio Shack
One Toggle Switch  #275-652 Radio Shack
Three diodes  1N4004
Two Red LED's
Five White LED's

Wood, wire, screws
3 feet aluminum trim channel for 1/4" plywood (or something else stiff for the ghost spine)

If you choose to build without the "candy flinging arm," you can eliminate the microcontroller and servo motor (everything to the left and above the red line on the schematic).

Step 2:

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Using 1" x 2" wood, assemble the base.  Top and bottom pieces are 18" long.  The widest spot is 24" wide. Use a piece of 1/4 inch wood rod and glue to attach the joint between the upper and lower pieces.

Step 3:

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Add 11 1/2 inch upright pieces (using wood screws and glue) to form the shell of the box.

Step 4:

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Install a cross board to support the motor, 7 1/2 inches from the end.

Step 5:

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Mount the motor on the cross board.

Step 6:

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Drill two 3/32 inch holes in the coupling shaft and create threads for 4-40 screws with a tap.

Note that I used a yardstick for the ghost spine. This worked for a while, until (during testing) the yardstick failed to contact a limit switch and the torque from the motor split the yardstick into pieces. I suggest using some sort of aluminum channel or angle for the upright piece (I used trim channel).

Attach the shaft coupler to the spine.

Step 7:

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Cut a 12 inch long section from a yardstick. Attach a piece of aluminum angle in the center and drill the angle to bolt to the "spine" of the ghost. At the end of this arm, using double sided tape, attach a servo motor.
cronama3 years ago
AHHH HAHAHAHAH. the videos the best!
i love this cos everyone is waiting for the ghost to reach its furthest travel before throwing the sweets but it does it before , so the surprise element , and i love your whole demeanor before , quality
Is this setup like the Useless Machine? It is pretty sweet! It's creepy because it goes so slow. I feel like, at any moment, the ghost will just fly at me.
MikeTheMaker (author)  Penolopy Bulnick3 years ago
It is like a large Useless Machine--but it throws candy, so that makes it useful?
I don't think any Useless Machine is really useless. Yours definitely isn't! When anything involves candy, there is no possibility for uselessness.