Step 7:

Cut a 12 inch long section from a yardstick. Attach a piece of aluminum angle in the center and drill the angle to bolt to the "spine" of the ghost. At the end of this arm, using double sided tape, attach a servo motor.
AHHH HAHAHAHAH. the videos the best!
i love this cos everyone is waiting for the ghost to reach its furthest travel before throwing the sweets but it does it before , so the surprise element , and i love your whole demeanor before , quality
Is this setup like the Useless Machine? It is pretty sweet! It's creepy because it goes so slow. I feel like, at any moment, the ghost will just fly at me.
It is like a large Useless Machine--but it throws candy, so that makes it useful?
I don't think any Useless Machine is really useless. Yours definitely isn't! When anything involves candy, there is no possibility for uselessness.

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