Candy Towers Built With a Molten-Sugar Hot-Glue Gun





Introduction: Candy Towers Built With a Molten-Sugar Hot-Glue Gun

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While everyone else was making somewhat more traditional ginger bread houses, I used a molten-sugar hot-glue gun to make some impressively tall candy towers. The first tower was built from M&M's, and eventually the candy shell on the bottom piece fractured and dropped the whole tower. The second tower, built from strawberry and raspberry Pez, looked like something out of Dr. Seuss.

The trigger assembly on the cheap hot-glue guns was a little too small for the sugar glue sticks, so I ripped the assembly out and just fed the sugar with with my thumb.

If you have never used molten-sugar as a construction material, you really need to try. I honestly didn't expect to get much beyond 20 M&M's high, but as you can see I was approaching 3 feet.



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    "The candy sticks were home-made"...yup-that doesn't surprise me. You are one amazing guy lol ;0) (neat ideas hope to try them out. Thanks)

    Wait how do they make the glue edible?

    I love candy!!!

    Hey aren't you gonna talk to me?

    How do you make those sugar sticks? If I knew then I could probably do this.

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    Click on the molten-sugar link. There's an Instructable about how to do it!

    Thanks. Somehow I managed not to noticed it...

    What about just making things out of the "glue"? I dont know how fast it cools, but I bet it could work.

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    It's most similar to molten wax, so I could clearly make drippy-looking stuff. A long while ago at the media lab, Saul and I used the laser cutter as a 3-d printer to make sugar objects. You just caramelize a 2-d pattern in sugar, add more sugar on top, and lower the bed.

    Sort of like EMS's Candyfab?

    thats awesome. maybe use a diy cnc mach ine with that for a little bit of candyfab!

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    You could also rig a CNC machine with a fat syringe of Royal Icing, and do some 3D plotting with that.

    The molten sugar might be a little too sticky/stringy, and with the icing you don't have to worry about high temperatures, burning sugar, or for that matter, anyone eating the result. ;-)

    yeah. i want to make a cnc with me and my dad so i could make it so its interchangable with a router and an icing extruder.

    thanks for posting great, delicious recipies!

    Eric - stop goofing around!! And get back to the serious business of... um... building ginger bread houses! :-D Thanks for the reminder of the molten sugar glue gun. Were you able to find some candy sticks that fit into the glue gun? The ones you're using seem more candy-red than caramel colored.

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    The candy sticks were home-made, as described in the Instructable.

    Awesome! By the way, that molten-sugar hot-glue gun just helped me out a ton! Thanks!